Texas Partygoers Record Dying Woman As She Bleeds Out After Being Shot

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Authorities in Texas reported that a man was injured and a woman was killed during a shooting at an illegal party. The incident occurred at an old Knights of Columbus hall in San Antonio, which was not supposed to be occupied.

The party, which was advertised on social media, quickly turned chaotic when gunfire broke out.

The sheriff mentioned that the building did not have legal water and electricity connections.

The shooting seemed to have been sparked by a disagreement between different groups at the event. Tragically, the woman’s death was recorded by onlookers as she succumbed to her injuries.

“That’s about as cold-blooded and disturbing as you can get,” Salazar said. “She’s gasping for air, and they’re videotaping her as she’s dying.”

According to KENS, bartenders and security guards were present at the event and were being interviewed about the situation. A man was arrested at the venue for possessing a controlled substance and a handgun as per a warrant.

Salazar refrained from implying that the arrested man was linked to the shooting, emphasizing that attending the party was not inherently illegal.

He encouraged individuals to come forward with information about the gathering. Following the incident, approximately 20 attendees stayed behind to cooperate with law enforcement.

The authorities suspect that individuals present at the gathering were aware of the incident and may have captured it on video. However, it remains uncertain whether these individuals have been questioned as part of the investigation.

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