Texas Judge Sends US Citizen to Sharia Court

We have reached a new low in the Biden era. A Texas judge told a plaintiff who was suing her husband for divorce but the judge refused to rule and told her she must divorce her husband at an Islamic tribunal where her testimony is considered inferior.

In March, Collin County District Judge Andrea Thompson ordered a Muslim woman to divorce her husband not in an American court but through an Islamic court, also known as a Fiqh Panel.

While it is true that before her marriage the woman signed an agreement that all marital issues would be settled by an Islamic court, the fact remains that no one can sign away their constitutional rights under any condition.

Therefore, she should have had her day in court but the judge denied her, her constitutional rights. But, under Biden all extremist leanings are fine.

According to court documents, Mariam claims that she was essentially hoodwinked and defrauded into signing the agreement thinking it was a marriage acknowledgment form, which is customary in a Muslim wedding.

She will now appear before a panel of three Muslim Imams who will decide the entire divorce settlement including alimony, division of property, child support, and even custody of the couple’s 6-year-old son.

These courts favor the father.

From The Blaze

“It is therefore ordered that Respondent’s Motion to Enforce Islamic Prenuptial Agreement and Refer Case to Muslim Court or Fiqh Panel is granted and the Court refers the case to a Muslim Court or Fiqh Panel for [Alternative Dispute Resolution],” the court order dated March 24, which was viewed by TheBlaze, said.

An updated order, dated June 14, removed words such as “Islamic,” “Muslim,” and “Fiqh,” but reiterated the court’s decision.

“The Court has no discretion but to enforce the agreement of the parties in their Prenuptial Agreement signed on December 26, 2008, and refer the parties to arbitration per the terms of their agreement,” the June order states.

This is a prime example of why Sharia Law should not be accepted in a court of law. It is also an example of why it should be easier to remove a judge from the bench for denying an American his nor her Constitutional rights.

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