Texas Dems Flee To Portugal For Vacation Instead Of Fighting For Election Integrity

Two of the cowardly Texas House Democrats who broke quorum (in essence, did a filibuster) by running away from Texas heading straight to Washington DC over a Republican-supported election integrity bill in the state are reportedly vacationing in Portugal after the Texas House Democratic Caucus could not find their whereabouts on Tuesday.

The Texas state Democrats ran like cowards to DC because of a rule for a quorum that would render the Texas House dead during a session right before they were going to vote on an election integrity law, in essence breaking a Texas law in the process.

A quorum is a rule that says that a specific number of members from both parties must be in attendance in order to do the people’s business. This was created so that one party could not secretly call a session without telling the other party.

Texas law says that when the state House is in session, members can not stay away affecting the quorum count without specific reasons. Running away from a vote like cowards is not one of the reasons listed.

The irony is the Texas Democrats said they scuttled a voting rights vote by going to DC to fight for voting rights. Of course, none of that makes any sense until you realize that Democrats want to cheat and Republican legislatures have realized that they can create election laws that protect everyone’s right to vote, even make it easier for people to vote, while at the same time making cheating in elections more difficult.

Most people would believe that’s exactly what we all should have, easier access to vote with the knowledge that their vote will actually count and not be cast by some Democrat operative, or worse, nullified by a Democrat operative voting in the name of someone from the state who either died or moved out of the state.

That kind of voter fraud has been going on for decades, and the National Voting Rights Act (NVRA) of 1993 allowed the Democratic Party to do that kind of cheating since.

Two clauses under the NVRA that are somewhat cloudy and makes it difficult for state secretaries of state to remove registrants from voter rolls for years:

29. Under the NVRA, what are the circumstances under which a State can remove a person’s name from the voter registration rolls?

Section 8 permits States to remove the name of a person from the voter registration rolls upon the request of the registrant, and, if State law so provides, for mental incapacity or for criminal conviction. The Act also requires States to conduct a general voter registration list maintenance program that makes a reasonable effort to remove ineligible persons from the voter rolls by reason of the person’s death, or a change in the residence of the registrant outside of the jurisdiction, in accordance with procedures set forth in the NVRA. The list maintenance program must be uniform, nondiscriminatory and in compliance with the Voting Rights Act.

30. Does the NVRA contain any prohibitions on removal of persons’ names from the voter registration list?

Yes. Section 8 of the NVRA prohibits removing registrants from the voter registration list solely because of a failure to vote.  It also places restrictions of notice and timing on removals from the voter registration list based on a change of residence.

Under 29, the “nondiscriminatory” and “in compliance with the Voting Rights Act” are what Democrats use to scream, rant, and rave whenever a state secretary of state goes to purge voter rolls of dead people, people who moved out of the state, or registrants who request to be removed. They want those names to be able to use them to vote. How would they know? Dead people aren’t going to find out, and people who move out of the state will most likely never find out anyway, because who moves to a new state and later asks, “Hey, did I vote in my old state?”

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From Me:

“Texas voters who want to vote by mail will be required to include their driver’s license # on the application to receive a mail-in ballot. If they don’t have a license, they can enter the last four digits of their social security number. This shuts down the Democrat racist lie that black people are too stupid to know how to get a driver’s license, because if you are an American citizen you have a social security number.

The bill also makes it difficult for county election workers to kick poll watchers out of polling places and it increases the poll watchers’ access to observe most areas of a voting location. Millions of Americans watched YouTube videos of Republican poll watchers being kicked out of polling centers, and in some cases they were blocked from even being able to see what was going on during vote counting. Some were told they had to stand back at distances that someone with perfect vision wouldn’t be able to see what was going on with ballots.”

According to Jonathan Tilove, a reporter with Texas Monthly, State Representatives Jessica González (D-Dallas) and Julie Johnson (D-Farmers Branch) were not among the other Texas House Democrats in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

According to the reporter, Johnson and her wife, as well as González and her fiancé, are right now vacationing to Portugal, a trip they had planned for over a year. (Someone should fact-check that.)

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Responding to a text, González told the San Antonio Express-News “I don’t respond to rumors,” adding that “no one has shown proof. These are rumors, period. End of story.”

Though their disappearance from DC doesn’t affect the group of cowards breaking the quorum by staying away from doing the jobs they were elected to do through the Texas special session, it does go against the DC House Democrats’ scheme to force the For the People Act legislation which throws out state election laws by having federal election laws written by the likes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) superseding them over state election laws. That bill has provisions that would legalize forms of cheating like ballot harvesting.

To make their case look even worse, González and Johnson were still participating in caucus meetings through Zoom. Why couldn’t they use Zoom to do their jobs back in Texas?

Republican State Representative Tom Oliverson of Cypress took to social media to rip the pair’s so-called “vacation,” pointing out that he had to cancel his own vacation as the non-cowards of the Texas House were waiting in Austin for the Democrats to return to do their jobs.

Wow, just wow.  Had to cancel my family’s vacation last week to Grand Teton because of a special session they helped create back in May. Texas deserves better than this. #txlege

Just remember, the Texas Democrats left the state while the legislature was in session, which is a crime in Texas. They did so as a filibuster so that they could go to DC to help the Democrats there get rid of the Senate filibuster. That’s the mentality of the modern-day Democratic Party. They should be arrested the minute they touch Texas soil.

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They vacated their positions.


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Desert Dweller

Are all these lying BASTARDS just another distraction so people don’t talk about execution those freaking dumocraps??

Harry O

What in the fu*k is with all you freakin people stay in the desert Dweller. The only shit I hear out of your ignorant mouths is execution and firing squad . GET A FREAKIN LIFE TWIT!!!

Harry O

They were elected but what the heck lets replace them with some Rep members so the vote can go ahead and we can weed out all those people who tend to vote Dem. That’s the intention of these “integrity” motions before the house. And this at a time when all polled state that the last election was the most honest EVER! This is just another ploy to disenfranchise voters who don’t vote Rep. Plain and simple.


I have been banned from facebook for not meeting community standards. first they wanted me to enter a code but never gave me the place on my computer to enter that code. then after days of trying they allowed me to enter the code then wanted me to scan in my driver’s license to know it was me. LOL to think they don’t want you showing proof of identity to vote but needed it to get back on facebook. I never scanned in my license

Desert Dweller

Ph–k Farcebook!!


Once a Scum-o-crat always a Scum-o-crat. Do not allow them back in the US unless they serve a minimal sentence of 20 years in prison.

Harry O

Wow there’s a step in the right direction 20 years in jail is much better than the firing squad hear hear!!!

Desert Dweller

Make the traitors STAY IN PORTUGAL..we don’t want them back imo

Harry O

Hang Mike Pense!


One big huge problem in this country is this F**ked up legal system, laws and rules. It seems we are paying these DemoRat CockRoaches to sit and figure out ways to circumvent laws that they made that suited them at the time and figure how to circumvent them to suit themselves today. I say Exterminate and Eliminate all of them.

Harry O

How many times do you have to count the ballots before you finally admit they were correct and Donald Trump is now consigned to the dust bin of history. election deniers all!

Bettina F. Widner

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Betty Harrison

wish they would all be removed from office and replaced with TRUE TEXANS THESE ARE IMMITATION . voting right are not the only thing they are prevent votes on. Almost to stage that i wish their planre would crash


These two office holders are internationally jet-setting while the Texas peoples interests dangle?
Hopefully Texans will be inspired not just to remove these two from the Legislative “A” list, but also furnish them accommodations at one of their luxurious grey bar hotels, for a lengthy residency.

Harry O

Is that the same as Ted Cruse taking off for Acapulco to get away from that little Texas gale? Glass houses people!?

thomas stuth

Fool get your facts straight

Harry O

What a joke you had a fair and totally honest election. You’ve counted the ballots 4 times. Even Bill Barr Donald’s AG couldn’t find squat try as hard as he could. Never before in the history of the US has anyone ever called foul with out any proof what so ever. Election Integrity is an oxymoron to the Right.

Mark Gravitte

Dress size, equator. She gets the fabric for her clothes from Omar’s tent company. What a joke. The son-of-a-bitches couldn’t work at an honest job, because it takes a brain to function at an actual job.

John Grychak


John Strom

When they return, and most certainly they WILL return, arrest and handcuff them and put them in jail [after their mug shots are taken, they’re fingerprinted and strip searched]. They’re no better than any other citizen – in fact they’re worse. They know better.

Mark Gravitte

Arrest all of those slimy, decrepit, invertebrate DemonRATS and place them in solitary confinement until their trial in the year 2100 AD. That should eliminate any future rebellion from those vipers. Trump 2024. Put the old lard ass in the picture on a bread and water diet. Amen!

Desert Dweller

Issue an ultamatum, that if they return to the states of Texas, they will be shot on sight!!! IMHO

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