Teenager Pummeled At Six Flags By Thieves Trying To Steal His Shoes

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A harrowing incident where a fourteen-year-old was brutally beaten up at a theme park in Gwinnett County, Georgia over his shoes valued at approximately $1,400, and social media video showed that bystanders watched and recorded the incident but didn’t intervene.

It highlights a disturbing trend in today’s society. People are increasingly more likely to record rather than act when it comes to intervening in physical altercations.

The victim spoke about his experience, saying he had gone to the theme park for his cousin’s birthday celebration when he was followed and harassed by strangers because of his expensive Balenciaga shoes.

He attempted to defend himself but was outnumbered and ended up on the ground after being punched at which point he received a barrage of kicks and punches until he fell unconscious. His mother took him to the hospital where they stayed for ten hours and had two CAT scans needed for his head and body.

The victim’s attorney Mohammed Luwemba is prepared to file a lawsuit against Six Flags for what he deems their lack of security regarding this incident as well as their failure in intervening during it.

The teenager spoke to WSB-TV about the harrowing incident at Six Flags over Georgia but didn’t want to be identified because his alleged assailants have not been arrested.

“I don’t know why they [are] following me. I didn’t do nothing wrong. I’m just minding my business,” said the teen.

He said that he had been dropped off by his mother at the theme park in order to attend a birthday celebration for his cousin.

The teen says that he was followed and harassed by a group of strangers as soon as he got inside the park about his expensive Balenciaga shoes.

“They were asking me if I rep any gang or anything and I was like, ‘No, I don’t rep no gang. I’m just trying to get to my people for a birthday party,’” he explained.

The teen said he attempted to defend himself but was outnumbered and ended up on the ground where his alleged assailants kicked and punched him in the head until he was unconscious.

One video showed the teenager hitting the ground after being punched.

“We were at the hospital for about 10 hours. They had to do two cat scans on his head — his body,” said his mother to WSB.

“We do believe there are several surveillance videos that caught this entire incident on camera,” Luwemba said. “Also what’s most important of all is what it didn’t catch. It didn’t catch security intervening at all.”

Six Flags released a statement to WSB saying they were participating with a police investigation into the incident.

“Unfortunately, like many metro areas across the country, Atlanta is experiencing a disappointing number of disruptive events created, primarily, to solicit mischief or provide cover for theft. Fortunately, these events rarely result in the need for police action in our parks,” the statement read.

“Six Flags will not tolerate unruly behavior. Period,” the statement concluded. “Our public safety personnel, working together with the Cobb County Police Department, will continue to monitor, patrol and prosecute those unwilling to follow our code of conduct.”




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