Ted Cruz Snaps: Biden Is ‘Behaving Like A Terrorist’ In Debt Ceiling Fight

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It has been over a decade since the United States of America has experienced a debt ceiling crisis, and now President Joe Biden and his administration are on the brink of repeating the same mistakes of the past.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently accused Biden of “behaving like a terrorist” in the fight over the debt ceiling, which could lead to the US defaulting on its loans this summer.

Cruz was referring to Biden’s refusal to consider legislation that was narrowly passed by the GOP-led House to suspend the debt ceiling through 2024. The bill proposed a $1.5 trillion increase in debt, but was met with opposition from the Biden administration.

In an interview on Fox News, Cruz urged Biden to reflect on his past behavior as Vice President during the debt ceiling crisis of 2011. Cruz noted that then-President Barack Obama did not behave in the reckless manner that Biden is exhibiting now and instead sent Biden to Congress to negotiate a deal.

“That Joe Biden from 2011 needs to come back, not the guy they got right now locked in the basement and a White House that’s being run by 25-year-old radicals who figure, ‘Heck, just let it all default. What do we care?’” Cruz said.

Biden and his fellow Democrats, who control the Senate, insist on a “clean” debt ceiling bill separate from spending cuts or policy concessions. The President has ratcheted up the rhetoric during the standoff, accusing Republicans of espousing “wacko notions.”

Cruz has urged Senate Republicans to put aside any differences and rally behind the House GOP proposal. He believes that Senate Republicans should stand shoulder to shoulder with the House and tell Biden to “come to the table.”

It is time for Biden and the Democrats to stop their reckless spending and put Americans first. The US cannot go into another debt ceiling crisis, and Biden must reconsider his position and listen to reason before it is too late.




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