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Ted Cruz Says GOP Will Go After The ‘Godfather’, The ‘Big Guy’ Himself

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The GOP will take over the House in January and with their newfound power, they will be able to launch investigations into the Biden crime family. Many have already sighted intentions to go after Hunter Biden for his shady business dealings. Senator Ted Cruz (TX) says that’s small potatoes and told the GOP to go after the ‘big guy’ himself.

Cruz said on his podcast “Verdict with Ted Cruz” that Joe Biden is “the godfather” in Biden family business schemes, comparing the president to the head of a criminal organization.

“The focus needs to be on Joe Biden,” Cruz said. “This is not about Hunter Biden any more than if you’re going after the mafia and you catch some low-level enforcer or you’re going after a drug cartel and you catch some mule who swallowed balloons full of heroin. It’s not about some poor schlub who got caught.

“It’s about the boss. It’s about the big guy. It’s about the godfather. Joe Biden is the godfather. He is the one who ultimately is profiting from this corruption. He is the one who is abusing official authority to further the criminal activity of his family members.”

Cruz suggested the last thing the mainstream media, Democrats and a politicized Justice Department want is an investigation focusing on the president, who has denied any wrongdoing.

“The reason we should talk about it,” Cruz said, “and the reason why the corporate media and the Democrats desperately don’t want to talk about it is there is now growing evidence of corruption from Joe Biden himself, from when he was vice president of the United States and now when he’s president of the United States, personally enriching himself, enriching his family by personally selling official favors to enemies , hostile foreign governments.


The media can already see what’s coming. They’ve stopped denying the validity of Hunter’s laptop and joined the rest of America in saying that crimes were committed. I think they’re just hoping old Joe survives all of this long enough for the party to find a new leader. Right now, Biden is it.

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