Teaching 8 Year Olds About Anal and Oral Sex. Planned Parenthood Pushing For ‘Deviant’ Sex Ed Bill

Sex Ed is the new battleground where Critical Race Theory meets Social Medicine for parents as Illinois State Rep. Kathleen Willis (D-Addison) pushed for mandating sex ed and aligning that curriculum with social justice criteria that she called” culturally competent and medically accurate standards”.

The latest edition of the national standards pushed in Illinois by Willis, calls for students starting in 6th grade to define the meaning of oral and anal sex, and for students starting in 3rd grade to explain concepts like masturbation.

“We’re talking 8- to 10-year-olds and it says they are to describe by that age, by 5th grade…students should be able to explain common human sexual development and roles of hormones such as romantic sexual feelings, masturbation and so forth,” Ralph Rivera of the Christian Pro-Family Alliance said.

“Things are not being taught in schools and students are exploring the Internet on their own and they can end up with misinformation, and that is not what we want to see,” Willis said at a House committee hearing earlier this week.

“The newest manifestation of the creepy desire of Springfield leftists to normalize deviance in children is the laughably named, “Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act” (SB 818)—a bill composed entirely of socially constructed leftist beliefs from leftist lawmakers aided and abetted by leftist pro-abortion and “LGBTQ” organizations,” Illinois Family Organization reported.

Planned Parenthood is a sponsor and is pushing it online.

According to a leftist nonprofit, TheFutureOfSexEd will do the following things for them:

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“The first edition of the Standards was a breakthrough, outlining the foundational knowledge and skills students need to navigate sexual development and grow into sexually healthy adults. The updated NSES reflect advancements in research regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, social, racial, and reproductive justice, and the long-term consequences of stigma and discrimination. Other additions include: advances in medical technology, the emergence of digital technologies, and the growing impact of social and sexually explicit media on relationships.

Inclusive and honest sex education goes beyond delivering information. It provides young people with opportunities to explore their own identities and values along with those of their families and communities. It also allows young people to practice the communication, decision-making, and negotiation skills they need to create healthy relationships—both sexual and nonsexual—throughout their lives.  FoSE partners are honored to share the National Sex Education Standards, Second Edition.”

According to the bill itself, “SB 818 would require all public schools—including charter schools—to align teaching in grades K-5 on “personal health and safety” with “National Sex Education Standards,”  which are leftist social constructions. And it would require all upper grade sex education to align with those same “standards.” Therefore, in order to understand what exactly Illinois children would be taught, Illinoisans must read—not just the bill—but also the National Sex Education Standards, which I did to save our readers time,” local Illinois media reported.

According to legal documents, SB 818:


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“Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the School Code. In the Courses of Study Article, repeals the sex education, family life, and instruction on diseases provisions. Instead, beginning no later than July 1, 2023, requires a school district, including a charter school, to provide comprehensive personal health and safety education in kindergarten through the 5th grade and comprehensive sexual health education in the 6th through 12th grades in all public schools.

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Sets forth the criteria that all classes that teach comprehensive personal health and safety and comprehensive sexual health education must satisfy.

Contains, among other provisions, provisions concerning guest lecturers or resource persons, participation, the review of instructional materials, learning standards, resource materials, and reporting. Requires a school district, including a charter school, to provide age and developmentally appropriate consent education in the 3rd through 12th grades; sets forth what the instruction and materials must include.

Makes changes in the Chicago School District Article concerning AIDS training. Amends the Critical Health Problems and Comprehensive Health Education Act to make changes concerning the program established under the Act. Effective immediately.”

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Virginia A Rebyak

Holy crap! They are too young for this. Children are still learning who they are & differences biologically & psychologically, male vs female. As for the internet it’s up to parents to monitor & control what children learn & see. They’ll learn about sex, deviant sex, etc as they mature through their teens & young adulthood. Pushing education about sex in grade school can do more damage than good. And parents should leave the avenues of trust & respect open if their children have questions. But Good Lord let children enjoy childhood & mature appropriately through each stage of development! Children need to learn as they grow about healthy relationships in families & between sexes, in gradeschool between man & woman. In high-school they’ll learn about homosexuality, etc. both in class & among peers or the internet.

Judy A Zwyghuizen

Everyone HOME SCHOOL YOUR CHILDREN OR GET A TOURTOR The thing’s they are teaching them is outrageous Now under or Current Biden Administration.

Donna Hartley



What has happened to this once free and great country. I apologize to all the love ones and to all the men and women that paid the ultimate price that somehow we have let this country go down this road. This is for Libs……when I say free I don’t mean free s***

Judy A Zwyghuizen

Only in Joe Biden’s America because they are sexual Predator’s them Selves they don’t care about our Children.


This is not a surprise with the Biden family running the show, it’s too bad that they are letting this happen because when the real President, Trump. gets back into office it is going to be hard to reverse and a lot of damage is going to be done.

Steve Johnson

Planned Parenthood is using communist brainwashing and propaganda on our children. Their goal is to further destroy normal parental guidance for these moral values that are strictly parental rights. Some years ago on PP’s page for teenagers they had an article telling girls that ‘slut’was not a bad word and suggesting for girls as young as 12 to get in touch with their inner slut. PP is still the most dangerous disgusting murder, incorporated in the USA.


God help us….. ALL parents who can should be homeschooling their children. I am a retired public school teacher and I have been homeschooling my Grandchildren for the past 5 years. I would NEVER put my children/Grandchildren in public School AGAIN! NOT EVER!!!

Sandra Lee Smith

Children do NOT need porn taught in school & it should be blocked by parents on the internet!


There is NO SCIENCE DATA on the need to teach sex of any kind to children. Those who are exposed to sex by adults have serious psychological issues …and That’s SCIENCE. Go look it up morons.

Mark Gravitte

You people are disturbed son-of-a-bitches. Teach Civics, English, Arithmetic and accurate truthful history assholes. Let the kids be kids. After the age of 18 they have their whole life ahead of them to discover themselves.

Mark Gravitte

The public school system in the United States needs to be disbanded today! They are nothing more than indoctrination centers being driven by these depraved, perverse so called teachers. Not one moral fiber in the whole lot. I hope you end up in the cheese line with like minded people and you idiots can talk intelligently about these sex subjects. I weep for the future!


Schools are supposed to be in the “TEACHING BUSINESS” not in the INDOCTRINATION or SEXUAL ORIENTATION …….How do the PARENTS feel about this being taught to their Children, is this what they sent their children to school for?


Many parents do not know anything about what is ‘taught’ in school. When I went to school, we learned about sex behind the gym or under the bleachers … today you have to go behind the gym or under the bleachers to learn about history and geography.

Christina Robleto

The left wants to open the door for pedophilia by making the children believe it is “normal” & accepting of it, this will allow them to justify the sex trafficking they have been doing for decades.

Ted R. Weiland

QUESTION: Do you think this would have occurred in early 1600s America whose governments of, by, and for God were expressly established upon the Bible’s unchangeable moral law, including Exodus 21:22-23, Leviticus 18:22 & 20:13, etc.?
ANSWER: Of course not!
CONSEQUENTLY, there must be a defining moment in America’s history when her Christian character and biblical course were officially altered. That point was in 1787 when a cadre of Enlightenment and Masonic theistic rationalists (aka constitutional framers) replaced the 1600 governments with their own humanistic government of, by, and for the people based upon capricious man-made traditions (aka the biblically seditious Constitution).
And if you’re a promoter of the constitutional framers’ biblical sedition, you’re party to this and all of America’s other atrocities.
FOR MORE, see Chapter 3 “The Preamble: We the People vs. Yahweh” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Books page and scroll down to Chapter 3.
FIND OUT how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page “Primer” of “BL vs. USC.”



Shirley Storey

What do you expect? Half of the Demon Rats are pedophiles and they all love sexual deviation. Instead of teaching math, which they now say is racist, or history, which they want to change with their lies, or English, which they say is racist they want children to be programed to do their sexual bidding.

Sam W

Half???? That’s a gross underestimate of the demoncrats….

Steve Johnson

NO school board, teachers union or abortion clinic has ANY right to teach our children values or sexual matters.


This is Democraps taking the next step in their SICK DISGUSTING plan of making Pedophilia normal sexually.

L Maz

S I C K S I C K S I C K !

william g munson

These people are going over board now a few years back they wanted to prosecute a boy 5-10 years old for kissing a girl for sexual harassment and make him a sexual predator and other things and now want to help them to do it What

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