Study Shows Fauci Buried Effective Cure For Covid. Was It Political or Incompetence?

Recent news of emails released to the public from Dr. Anthony Fauci has caused the public to reconsider what they accepted from him as medical science, including the cure and treatment of COVID 19.


“Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin therapy at a higher dose improved survival by nearly 200% in ventilated COVID patients,” wrote Dr. Liji Thomas in an article published on Thursday.

The report comes out at the same time Fauci is under scrutiny for bad medical advice about the same medicine, which he was very negative about.

Breitbart reported that Fauci ignored recommendations for the drug.

Now there is a comprehensive study that shows his misdeed.

A preprint is a version of a scholarly or scientific paper that precedes formal peer review and publication in a peer-reviewed scholarly or scientific journal.

Dr. Liji Thomas authored an article covering a preprint of medical tests which show compelling information about the use of a drug that the opponents of President Donald J. Trump made controversial for some unknown reason.

This is a partial Transcript of Thomas’ medical article on the preprint follows.  Full article here.

Treatment options have been limited in the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Earlier optimism regarding immunomodulatory drugs such as azithromycin (AZM) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) seemed to be undermined by results of large interventional trials.

However, a fascinating new study posted to the medRxiv* preprint server (not peer-reviewed*), suggests that such disappointment may have been both premature and unwarranted, based on a re-analysis of over 250 patients on invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) during the first two months of the pandemic.

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Using computational modeling, the use of weight-adjusted HCQ and AZM appears to be associated with a more than 100% reduction in mortality, without a clear correlation with ECG abnormalities.

Study details

In this study, based on a subset of critically ill COVID-19 patients, consisting of patients who required intubation and IMV, data from the medical records were analyzed using several novel methods. This included not only the vital signs and laboratory values but the therapeutic methods.

The study was carried out on patients at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, New Jersey, with just over 1% having been clinically diagnosed to have COVID-19. Of the 255 patients, almost 80% died during the study period. Seven patients were transferred to another hospital on the ventilator, mostly after day 40 of hospitalization.

The chief therapeutic classes included steroids, tocilizumab, convalescent plasma, hydroxychloroquine, and azithromycin.


Facebook Finally Loses

With every log increase in the cumulative dose of HCQ, the mortality rate fell by 1.12 times, such that at 3 g HCQ, survival odds rose by 2.5 times.

When given together with AZM, the benefit was still more significant. Chances of survival increased further. Among those who received both > 3g HCQ and >1g AZM, almost half survived, compared to one in seven (16%) among patients who received one of these drugs at the same dosages.

This means a 32% absolute difference in survival, or a relative improvement in survival odds of 200%, with the combination of HCQ/AZM at this dosage. This far exceeds the survival benefit cited in any study of any intervention so far.

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When HCQ/AZM was given at lower dosages, the risk of death was over three times higher relative to the above combination and dosage regimen.

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I’m not surprised! I NEVER trusted this little weasel.


Sooo when is he going to be charged with the deaths of all that died as a result? This weasel needs to be in prison along with all others involved!

Suzie Q

I never liked or trusted this little twerp from the very beginning. He made Trump look like he didn’t know what he was talking about….but he did. I hope someone takes notice of this guy and makes him apologize to TRUMP and wash his feet…on CNN.

Donovan Lee Blaylock

Their symbol CNN=Communist News Network


What really torks me is how CNN lambasted President Trump for recommending
hydroxychloroquine. May they all rot in the toilet.


And CNN should also be charged as a co-author of this death deal

Donovan Lee Blaylock

They say they only report the News at every Airport in the World


Just a simple observation–The outbreak in India was STOPPED cold with that “useless treatment” hydroxychloroquine — wonder how much he was paid for that little ‘slip’ ??? It’s really disgusting when the “experts” are ‘on the take’ !!!

A Nonymous

If incompetence he needs to be fired. Immediately.
If political, he needs to be indicted, tried, convicted, and serve prison time.


I lost my husband to covid. If the proper drug was available, he might have lived! To Fauci and all those responsible for this heart breaking disaster, I pray you rot in hell! BASTARDS!

Cari Distiano

I am so sorry for your loss.


Because the left wanted to defeat Trump, they were willing to allow people die. Trump was enthusiastic about using Hydroxychloroquine, so of course it had to be debunked. Many died without treatment when this drug offered help in treating the disease. Many states, including mine made it illegal to treat covid with Hydroxychloroquine. So disgusting. All these people care about is power. They don’t care if people died. Well they got what they wanted. Now we all will suffer.


I would love to see the whole bunch HUNG on the White House lawn.


That would certainly trump the exaggerated “insurrection”

Mark Gravitte

It was both! It’s obvious to any lay person that old fauci was complicit with the DemonRATS and the DemonRATS lovers, the Chinese. Folks, they intentionally allowed Americans to die only to advance their agenda. I strongly believe and affirm that anyone with an ounce of information regarding the intentional release of this virus should be executed! They will come again and again. President Trump hit the nail on the head when he said, they are not after me they are after you, I’m just in the way. All this shit started in the 60’s with the flower power scumbags. Then one of these lowlife’s was elected as president of America, Slick Willie (Aka: bill clinton) old slick Willie is a perverted, demented child molester. Folks, I sometimes wonder why things continue on the way they do. I do not have any of the answers. A concerned American!


Ya both and BIBE$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to promote expensive vaccines.


Arrest the P0S!

Steven Davis

at the beginning we had Birx and Fauci telling us what to do. Their appearances quickly degenerated into a prime time sitcom that could have been referred to as Barx and Falsi, the dog and phony show. The well-paid and traitorous phony is still around. I think an American prison is too good for him. He deserves a Uighur re-education camp


Political? Incompetence? No. It was a Crime Against Humanity.

Wild Bill1

If you read the whole story, as one sided as it is, it says at lesser quantities it was killing twice as many people. That’s not positive. Over time they found that in some cases massive dowsed worked in combination with other drugs.
The only cure in India was half the country died. You don’t have to like Fauci, but tell facts not stories that are supposed to make one side or the other look good or bad.
As time goes on they will find more things that help. It takes time?


At lesser doses “it” wasn’t killing people. Covid was the killer. As you said it took time to get the dosing figured out. You’re doing exactly what you’re complaining about, being one sided.


They were NOT dying in India, at first. It has just been recently. They used to take Hydroxy over the counter for Malaria ALL THE TIME. Now, if you google Malaria and Hydroxy use in India, you get diverted to some June 2020 articles!! I’LL BET THEY HAVE BLOCKED THE USE OF HYDROXY AND PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM MALARIA IN INDIA!! Why else would they be blocking the use of Hydroxy and Malaria???

Christina Robleto

All designed to set global control & push their experimental vaccines, which has serious side effects


Did anyone notice that the Demoncraps did Not contract covid? Must have had the “Real” vaccine before unleashing it on humanity.


They the Demo Demons knew this VIRUS was coming before Trump took Office. And the DWARF knew about it ALL The Time. He HELPED pay for iT.

Joe Blow

Fauci said in 17′ that Trump would be dealt with a Virus,look it up! All political How did he know if he wasn’t involved?

Joe Blow

And Yet,Morons will keep voting Dumbocraps into office! I Wonder Why?

Mary Freeman

It was all a part of the democratic agenda. Decrease the number of people. Will make it easier to take over our country, easier to control. Planning to allow China to take over our country. Move in One World Order. Shred our Constitution.


What does this mean? “…a more than 100% reduction in mortality.”
A 100% reduction would be zero mortality. What would “a more than 100% reduction in mortality” be but resurrection from the dead?


statistics and statistical math allow for half persons, and apparently greater than 100%


Dr. Fauci’s actions appear to be neither incompetence — he IS the highest paid employee of the U.S. government, which says something for his capabilities — nor politics, because his efforts damage both the Trump administration and the Biden antidisestablishmentarianism on behalf of the elite few and against the masses yearning to be free.

Dr.Fauci, in league with Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, Mrs. Harris, Bill Gates, Xi Jinpiang, the WHO, and the usual globalist and socialist rogues’ gallery, are executing the Destroy America Agenda subtly, purposefully, irreparably, and without delay.

That is not politics. That is foreign and domestic enemies of the U.S. and the U.S. Constitution destroying the nation.


Govt sent out 400 billion of our money to china ans russia—do you think our govt is incompetent—–I think our govt. employees stole a lot of money–govt wants to hire 86,000 auditors in IRS–they need to investigate govt. employees first—people we are suckers—-6 counties around DC are richest counties in America–I can see why now


Trump was right again! Isn’t it something that Trump is always right. I am sure Fauci was in this covid disaster for the money. He helped make the disease and then his ideas was to become so importatant plus he owns 50% of the patent on the vaccine. I bet he has stock in the mask companies like China made them and the ventilators.


Ever wonder why people in India are now suddenly dying from COVID??? Just Try to google the use of Hydroxychloroquine for Malaria in India, AND YOU GET DIVERTED to articles in 2020!! They used to get it over the counter in India for Malaria, and now you can’t google One article about Malaria and Hydroxychloroquine! I’d bet dollars to donuts that they have Stopped allowing the use of Hydroxychloroquine and all those deaths are from Malaria, and they are Lying about it!! Why else would all searches for Malaria and Hydroxy use in India be Blocked? And NOW, all of a sudden we have a ”surge” in kids and teens catching and being hospitalized for COVID?? ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT AS A COINCIDENCE, since they just recently did an Emergency ”approval” for the same vaccines (even though they make it sound like a NEW vaccine has been developed for children) and want to shove that poison into your children???? THINK PEOPLE. After all, it’s a 98% Survival Rate for COVID!! And even Higher for teens! Why risk your child’s life for no reason?

Cari Distiano

I knew it. That SOB. I asked my doctor a year ago about hydroxychloroquine, and she said there was not enough evidence that it worked. That was because fauci and his ilk spread negative propaganda about it. They are responsible for countless numbers of people dying, and they should be held accountable for this.


FAUCI is DANGEROUS DWARF ! He has Screwed this for the last Time and needs a be held COUNTABLE. Either he GO’s to PRISON or Hung for TREASON.


Biden loves him


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Vi Bowler

Fauci should be made answerable to the world because it’s either he played us around or he’s just plain ignorant! My husband died in September 2020 because of Covid complications. He was intubated. He wanted to be given HCQ because of what he read that it will help people with Covid. It was denied to him because it was not approved as medication for Covid. So, WTF is Fauci still in his position? He should be jailed for all his sins including the cover up that the altered corona virus did not escape from a Wuhan lab. This a$$hol€ should pay!


So just how many people died because he made peole scared to use this drug.


News media are responsible too and Facebook, Twitter, etc.—-just like climate change media is for of shit—-they all drink the kool-aid


Arrogant expert Fauci needs to be investigated, convicted, and jailed for killing innocent people due to his neglect.

Sasha Royale

He killed more people than Timothy McVeigh .


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How much is Fauci getting paid ?


Don’t worry Joe will give him a raise


This Fake Fauci should be fired!


can fauchi be tried for STUPID???

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