Students Come Together And Take Matters Into Their Own Hands When A Teacher Showed Up To Class Wearing A #BLM Pin


I will say, it is an INCREDIBLE incident to happen at a CALIFORNIA HIGH SCHOOL.. but man is this good news for the direction of our country! After a substitute teacher decided to come to class making a statement the kids were definitely not fond of, they joined together and did something about it. Looks like America is in a better position than we thought it was during the flood of bogus polls. LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

You’re going to want to see this story:

VIA| From The Sacramento Bee:

 David Roberts, a 75-year-old substitute teacher, went to work last month at Clovis West High wearing a Black Lives Matter button on his shirt pocket. A day later, he was told that he was no longer allowed to work at the school.

“They said it was a violation of their policy of being neutral regarding political issues, but I don’t consider it a political statement. It is a moral statement,” Roberts said. “I was very surprised because I didn’t think it was a violation of anything.”

According to an incident report dated Nov. 8, Clovis Unified School District asked that Roberts – who has subbed for the district for 15 years – be removed from Clovis West’s list of eligible substitutes one day after he wore the button to class.

“I was informed by an instructional assistant that the substitute teacher was wearing a political button and that some students were offended, and he wasn’t following the lesson plan,” said the report, which was submitted to human resources by Clovis West Deputy Principal Tony LeFore, Gabe Calderon – the teacher Roberts was filling in for – and school secretary Dawni Peisch.


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