Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) Goes After Barron Trump in Despicable Tweet

There is an unspoken rule in politics to never go after the children of prominent figures.  Well, that is until a Republican sits in the West Wing.

Barron Trump has been targeted yet again – this time by a Democrat in the House of Representatives.  Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) revealed his opinions on New Year’s Eve.  Essentially, he accused the president of being an absentee father.

He golfs when he could be reading or be in church or be with his family. Never see him with Barron.  You’d think he’d be golfing with Dad occasionally but narcissists only engage in activities where they are the show.

Ironically, Cohen tweeted his sentiment while the president was at a party with both Melania and Barron.

Cohen was one of the lawmakers that pushed to have Trump impeached back in October.  He was responding to a tweet from The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein.  Stein said he didn’t mind Trump playing golf, but “the sheer amount he plays does spotlight how insincere Obama’s critics were about his golfing habits.”

For the most part, both sides of the aisle (or at least those with class) agree that the children of presidents shouldn’t be targeted.  They are, after all, just children.

Barron, however, has received quite a lot of unnecessary backlash.

One Democrat implied he must be “special needs” after he was seen deplaning with a fidget spinner.  Another mocked him after he became distressed from the infamous Kathy Griffin pictures.

Many pointed out Cohen’s assumption was incorrect.

Others called the representative out for his despicable behavior.  Representative Cohen adamantly denied going after a child.

One woman called him out.

You are not qualified to call anyone a narcissist which is a medical designation. You attacked a child & you were wrong. Leave children out of your vitriol & hatred.

To which Cohen replied.

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