Steve Bannon to Rally with Judge Roy Moore Tonight in Alabama For Final Week of Campaign

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Breitbart News’s Executive Chairman and the former White House chief strategist for President Donald Trump Steve Bannon will rally with GOP senatorial nominee Judge Roy Moore Tuesday night.

VIA | Breitbart News

The rally, which will begin at 6:30 p.m. CT and last until 8:00 p.m. CT, will feature both Judge Moore and Bannon making the case of the importance of this election–not just to the people of Alabama, but to the whole country, with the world watching. The rally will take place in Oak Hollow Farm off Greeno Road and is expected to draw an even bigger crowd than the September rally in the same barn. The rally is open to the public, and all supporters of Judge Moore and President Trump are welcome to attend.

“The people of Alabama know what is at stake in this Senate race – that’s why they’re standing with Judge Roy Moore,” Bannon told Breitbart News ahead of the rally. “They know that if we want to take our country back, we need to actually win elections, not throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble. The Republican establishment in D.C. does not know how to win anything. Judge Roy Moore does. This Vietnam veteran knows how to stand up and fight and win. And as another winner who was dismissed by the establishment famously declared, ‘We’re going to start winning again!’”

Bannon and Moore rallied together here at this exact location in the same barn during Moore’s campaign against appointed incumbent establishment-backed Sen. Luther Strange—who Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attempted unsuccessfully to hoist upon the people of Alabama. In the wake of that rally, Moore went on to win the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate by nearly double digits—despite McConnell wasting more than $30 million trying to stop him.

Now, as Moore has successfully batted back even more vicious attacks—this time frivolous evidence-free allegations of sexual misconduct from decades ago and about another dozen million more dollars in smears—he and Bannon return to the barn at Oak Hollow Farm in Fairhope a week before the Dec. 12 general election to make the case for the home stretch.

“The eyes of the world are watching the state of Alabama to see if President Trump’s agenda is going to move forward, or he’s going to be stopped at the first Senate race in his presidency,” Dean Young, a lifelong friend and political adviser to Moore, told Breitbart News on Monday night.

“Judge Moore has been through the fire. Mitch McConnell has spent $30 million. The Democrats including Barack Obama operatives and George Soros cronies have spent nearly a dozen million more. And the Washington Post and their allies in the fake news industrial complex have done everything they can do, spending millions of dollars to try to help elect a liberal, extremist Democrat who was a delegate for Barack Obama. None of it has worked because the people of Alabama know who Judge Moore is. If I could pick anybody to stand with Judge Moore through all of this, it would have been Steve Bannon—and Steve Bannon did stick with Judge Moore through the entire process. I couldn’t be happier that Steve Bannon is coming down here to take a stand with Judge Moore to begin the last crucial week of getting our voters out,” said Young.

The rally also comes in the wake of President Trump fully endorsing and embracing Moore once and for all on Monday morning, which he first did in a tweet, then a phone call, in which the president reportedly said: “Go get ‘em, Roy!” 

Trump’s support for Moore to date has been limited to calling out the radical leftist Democrat positions of Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, but not anymore. Now Trump is all in behind Moore publicly. Young, Moore’s close friend and adviser, said he is thrilled to have the president’s backing.

“I want to tell the president of the United States Donald Trump: Thank you so much. Judge Moore will help President Trump get his agenda passed,” Young told Breitbart News.

After the president threw his weight behind Moore, the Republican National Committee (RNC)—which had previously withdrawn support, something the White House had supported at the time—jumped back into the race behind Moore, as Breitbart News exclusively reported. Many in the media, establishment GOP, and on the left were furious that–not only the RNC was supporting the president in backing Moore, but that Breitbart News first reported the scoop.


But McConnell and his National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) remain opposed to Moore—even though McConnell himself softened his tone about Moore and dropped his call for Moore to “step aside” during an appearance this weekend on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. That’s in large part because a Moore win is likely to set off a chain reaction across the country, with anti-establishment candidates surging everywhere.

Andy Surabian, an ex-top White House and Trump campaign official, told Breitbart News that this rally sets the tone, not just for the final week of this campaign, but for the entire 2018 midterm elections as McConnell continues losing control of the GOP.

“The Alabama deplorables are revved up and ready to rally with Bannon and Judge Moore tomorrow night to send a message to the political class in Washington,” Surabian, who now serves as a senior adviser to the Great America Alliance pro-Trump Super PAC, told Breitbart News. “Mitch McConnell and his allies have failed to destroy Judge Moore, just like they will fail to destroy other insurgent candidates in 2018.”

The rally also comes as the political establishment finds itself at odds again with President Trump, and now with the official Republican Party. As the Party’s official arm–and the president–fully embrace Moore in the final week, failed 2012 GOP presidential nominee Willard Mitt Romney has attacked Moore again. Romney’s tweet came as President Trump successfully spoke in Utah–Romney’s new turf after abandoning Massachusetts, where he once served as governor.

So has failed Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)–an establishment-backed certain loser who announced his retirement in 2018 rather than running a re-election campaign he was guaranteed to lose–who bashed Trump, Moore, and the Republican Party on Twitter Monday night:

While some outgoing losing Republicans like Flake were throwing in with the failed vision Romney had for the GOP, Moore was firing back, saying this is now Trump’s party–and no longer is there a place for elites like Romney in it.

All of these themes and more, sources close to both Moore and Bannon tell Breitbart News, are expected to be part of the Tuesday evening rally to kick off the final campaign week, as Moore takes a lead in the polls with a week to go before voting.




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