Squad Dem Loses It Like An Idiot Over Ukraine Getting Aid

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Radical nutjob Ilhan Omar played nice while on camera, pretending to care about the people of Ukraine as the country goes through literal hell to keep their government. However, her true feeling can be seen all over Twitter.

Russia continues to press into Ukraine with 95% of Putin’s military force, but Omar wants to argue about the outpour of support Ukraine has received worldwide. She took particular offense to the arms and aid the US is currently handing Ukraine as they fight the war mostly alone.

Here’s how she addressed it while in front of camera:

“Our language, our rhetoric, our policies in dealing with refugees has to change. The United States is committing to now having temporary protective status up to 18 months for Ukrainians. And, we are hopefully going to lift the refugee quota, so that we can bring in Ukrainian refugees. And, I just hope that, you know, when we are thinking about Syrians, and folks from Afghanistan, and south and Central America, our rhetoric will hopefully also shift. There are countries like Yemen, and Ethiopia that are currently experiencing devastation, and we haven’t seen the kind of care and compassion that is being used to talk about these particular refugees for those refugees who are also experiencing devastating situations as well. ”


Here’s what her Twitter activity say:

“The consequences of flooding Ukraine with billion dollars in weapons, likely not limited to just military-specific equipment but also including small arms + ammo, are unpredictable & likely disastrous.

Specially when they are given to paramilitary groups w/out accountability.”

One user stood up to Omar’s rhetoric:

“Easy to criticize and question. Hard to lead. What policies are you recommending? Are you saying we should not provide weapons and financial support for Ukraine?”

Omar recoiled like the snake she is:

“I support giving Ukraine the resources it needs to defend its people, I just have legitimate concerns about the size and scope. Btw, criticizing and questioning is my job as a leader and a member of Congress. It’s the hardest part of the job, trust me it’s easy to just follow”

Omar shared tweets that mocked concerns over Ukraine but argued that places like Iran and Syria are under greater threat. The reality is that none of those countries are entangled with a nuclear super power that’s threatening world war.

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