Sparks Fly After Marjorie Taylor Greene Laughs During House Committee, She Snapped

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This week, the US House of Representatives’ Committee on Homeland Security held a meeting to discuss the inappropriate coin depicting a Border Patrol agent on horseback chasing a Black Haitian migrant, which appeared on eBay last year.

Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was accused of laughing during the proceedings which sparked outrage from Democratic Rep. Donald M. Payne, Jr.

“It was shocking to depict someone on a horse, with a whip, whipping a human being. And that’s funny? That engenders giggles? That’s funny—people being whipped. Wow,” Payne asked the congresswoman.

Greene shot back, defending her behavior: “There’s no one on this committee who thinks whipping is a laughing matter. I was laughing about something completely unrelated. And it’s extremely poor behavior of people on this committee to continue to attack my character for political points, likely for campaign ads.”

The origin of the coin is not yet known, but it has been circulating online. After its appearance, Joe Biden condemned the images, admitting that border security is often racialized and promising that the people responsible “will pay.”

The coin has been misinterpreted as evidence of brutality from the Border Patrol and sparked a public outcry. However, it’s important to remember that there is no evidence that anyone was actually whipped by the Border Patrol. To the contrary, the reporter who took the photo came out and debunked the left’s claim that the agents were whipping immigrants.

The CBP has issued a statement distancing itself from the coin, saying that the images depicted on it are “offensive, insensitive and run counter to the values of CBP.” It is also important to note that the CBP is currently investigating whether any federal employees sold or made the coin, but those responsible are yet to be identified.




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