Soros Smacked: His AZ Sherriff Wouldn’t Turn Over Router Data to AZ Senate, Now Facing Contempt Charges

Why is it that Soros-backed elected officials need more lawyers than the regular criminals do? Just take a look.

Kim Gardner, DA in St Louis, Kim Fox DA in Chicago that put the fix in for Jussie Smollett and now Sheriff Paul Penzone who faces contempt charges in two cases.

He has withheld evidence that is under subpoena by the Arizona State Senate. He also faces contempt charges in another case.

Penzone was ordered by the court to investigate misconduct charges against officers under his command. In fact, the federal judge handling the case has indicated that he will have Penzone arrested and charged with contempt of court.

He is still in danger of contempt charges for refusing to turn over necessary evidence to the auditors of Maricopa County. He and the board of supervisors have refused to cooperate.

A federal judge signaled on Thursday that he will find Sheriff Paul Penzone in contempt:

In a pointed rebuke after the U.S. Department of Justice asked U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow in March to order a contempt hearing, Snow said Penzone’s department is “clearly” out of compliance with his 2016 court order to overhaul the investigation process.

“Even if I believe everything in the brief is true, which I don’t, I would still find the sheriff in contempt,” Snow told the attorneys early in the hearing, referring to Penzone’s response to the Justice Department’s request for an order to show cause.

The Justice Department and the sheriff’s lawyers should focus on negotiating remedies, not the moot merits of a potential contempt case, Snow said.

From The Gateway Pundit

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The Maricopa Board of Supervisors and Maricopa’s Soros-backed Sheriff are begging the Arizona Senate to end their audit “for the sake of the country”. 


Facebook Finally Loses


Yesterday the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) held a press conference where they attempted to gain public support to end the Arizona Senate’s audit of the County’s 2020 Election results. 

The entire Democrat and Deep State complex are worried about what this audit will uncover.  They appear to know that there is something hidden in their election results that they don’t want the world to know.

If those who are sworn to uphold the law continually break it, we are in trouble as a nation.

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John H.Montgomery

It is for the sake of the country


HAHAHAHA, don’t you mean FOR THEIR SAKE!

Steve Barrette

Soros backed get rid of him


For their own sake, not the countries.


Soros, needs to be Deported back to Hungry to Face all the Corruption Charges against him. Soros is nothing more than a LUNATIC and needs to be removed from the UNITED STATES. ” NOW “


Totally Agree!

M French

So true!! There are warrants for the arrest of that decrepit old billionaire marxist Soros all around tbe world!!! He has destroyed the economies of countries and is on his way to paying off all of our politicians to destroy our country as well! He is still as treacherous as the nazi he portrayed during WWII while destroying the lives of his fellow jews! He s an evil human being who deserves the electric chair.


Yes, you can see the evil in his eyes. This old man with his billions should be sent back to where he belongs. We do not want him here.


Soros needs to be sent to Russia. They have war crime charges on him.

Margie Tiritilli

Absolutely right! Soros has been allowed to undermine America using his obscene wealth to destory our country. And this includes taking with him, his bought-and-paid-for District Attorneys who are pro-criminal and anti-victim.

Susan Meyer

I thing the democrats and RINOS are in on a lot of it!!!!


He needs to be Droned, then confiscate all his assets!


So let’s send him back via Russia! I heard Putin wants to have a chat with him! I still don’t understand that if Trump was Putins puppet like the left pretends then why didn’t Trump send Soros to visit Putin??


Why is it we cannot get rid of George Soros interference with our government. What he is doing is giving bribes to this sheriff to do his bidding, exactly like the government of Communist China has and still is doing. There is massive computer forensic evidence that China interfered with this election and I wonder why nothing has been done other than THE FACT THAT CHINA SWITCHED TRUMP VOTES TO BIDEN VOTES, and not the other way around. It is not hard to see the blatant corruption of this illegal Biden administration. When does it stop?


The Sheriff needs to be removed from Office also and IMPRISONED for not compiling to the Arizona Senate.


The Swamp is deep and murky. Trump barely got started in filtering the polluters – now known as politicians from both parties. It is up to we citizens as to whether we keep pressing or quit. I have a feeling that most Americans are willing to leave things as they are. Such a pity!


N, I am not willing to leave things as they are. We are headed to disaster and it has to stop. But how? Yes, we can vote but we all know what happened at the last election. I was proud to stand in line to cast my vote and truly believed my vote would count. Shocked and depressed at the outcome. Trump definitely should have won. And I will believe that to my dying day.

Susan Meyer

I agree 100%. Tried to write more but it got deleted by the powers that be.




Why? Bribe$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Susan Meyer

It won’t stop. The Democrats are now getting too powerful. Money talks and every person who has no conscious or morals will get his/her part of the stash.


It will Only Stop when Every last Demo Demon in the Beijing Joe O’Bidens Administration and Demo Demons of the Democratic Socialist Party member is in Prison.

Joann Holmes

You really wouldn’t want biden who is in bed with the CCP to loose all that money that they give him and his family.


Soros is a blight on this country. He causes misery wherever he goes. He uses his money to destroy. When people are voting they are probably unaware that the person they are voting for is supported by Soros. This Sheriff needs to be arrested.

Ray Copeland

Soros needs a shell put to him.


rope is reusable


So is a used Brass Cartridge Case.


Or a Nose around his Stupid Neck.




If this was a fare election the left would not be fighting tooth & nail to stop it!! It’s crooked and many people are finally waking up and seeing the truth. I’m very excited for the truth to be revealed and justice served!


Let the guilty pay. If you cheat in school on a test, if you cheat in sports, (whether with illegal drugs or other means), IF and when you are found out, it usually means you are OUT, Disqualified and certainly NOT allowed to pass or remain in an office you were not rightfully elected to be in, or an award you did not honestly win. The people speak with their votes and we KNOW the truth about WHO we voted for and how Donald J Trump won in a landslide. The US map was RED!

Robert L Rice

Tellthe TRUTH,it wont be a problem,LIE,jail time !!!!!!!!


It is amazing how many Americans sold out their country because of greed, these people should be rounded up and punished and exiled out of our country.


Arrest them ALL! The MCBOS, the sheriff and charge them, not only for contempt of court but also for sedition in their attempt to over through We The People.


What is so wrong about audit the AZ legislative branch is doing? We send our children into battle only to find out that local politicians can override the constitution of the state and the US government. I don’t care what party you belong too. Let’s just find out what really happened and correct the things that needs to be corrected.


How did this guy beat Sheriff Joe Arpaio ?


Soros Bribed every damn person to Vote him in on Fraudulent Ballots.


Arpaio retired


Send Soros back to Europe, there are plenty of countries there that would like to bury him under a jail


They appear to know there is fraud in their election results & they think that the rest of the world doesn’t know…they are BEGGING to stop the audit for the sake of the country…They should all be swinging from the end of a tight rope. Enough of this bullshit…

Mark Gravitte

Arrest the useless son-of-a-bitch and put him in solitary confinement. Then assign a Marine and his spotter to terminate old demonic soros. For the sake of America. Take his old decrepit body, Wrap it in a blanket and toss him into the ocean beside old muslim osama bin laden. But first, let the Marines that are deployed on that particular Navy Vessel piss all over old turncoat soros deceased body. The piss will purify the old Nazi’s body. Damn, I love it when a plan comes together!


Sheriff Penzone was elected sheriff in 2016, defeating longtime incumbent Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

……..Miss Joe yet fools?


“Contempt” charges?

mark Foster

Why if there is nothing to hide? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Gary Bell

Put his ass in jail for a year. Same as the Jan 6 protestors.


[The Maricopa Board of Supervisors and Maricopa’s Soros-backed Sheriff are begging the Arizona Senate to end their audit “for the sake of the country”.]

If it was a good, honest, fair and true election, then the audit would show and prove that, which would be a good thing, because the majority of the American people truly believe that the election was rigged by the Democrats.

But if the audit shows and proves that the audit was rigged, then that would also be a good thing, because then the people would demand and make sure that in future elections, the Democrats would not be allowed to commit massive voter fraud to steal the election from the American people and their choices of whom they want to run their government.

That is a win-win solution where the American people and our country can’t lose, only the criminals who perpetrated the voter fraud on the American people would lose, and to escape prosecution would be the only reason why anyone would want to stop all these coming forensic audits of the 2020 elections, because the only thing they are going to prove is if it was an honestly conducted election or not. 


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Soros needs to be Arrested and Deported back to his native Country of HUNGRY to with stand Corruption Charges there and here in the United States. And the Sheriff of AZ should also be Arrested and placed in Jail until his Trial. And if found GUILTY of VOTER FRAUD and Information withholding Evidence should be Sentenced to no less than 365 Years without a possibility of Parole.


If Sheriff Penzone was an ordinary citizen would he not already been charged with Contempt of Justice?

Thor Thorwaldson
Gary Bell

Put the Sherif and the board in jail.


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Lorraine E Blazich

So if the Soros’ backed sheriff doesn’t want the router data released so that it can be audited that means that they have something to hide. That has to be voter fraud and cheating in the 2020 election. Remember soros supported puppet biden.


One would think that when an international billionaire business man declared that his goal was to take down the USA, as he had already done to other countries around the globe, that it would make the American people very suspicious of those people that the billionaire business man would then fund to win political positions in the USA’s different types of governments, local, state, and federal?

More and more other countries are already banning George Soros, his businesses, and his money from their countries and their politics, after watching him destroy other countries, their economies, and their governments. But uninformed and illiterate people are always ignorant and complacent to the dangers they face, and when they are no longer aware of history, they are always doomed to repeat it, and this is the reason the Democrats and their Teacher Unions no longer teach our children history and the lessons they should learn from that history, in order for our heritage and society to continue as the Founding Fathers designed it to, concerning the Creator’s (GOD) unalienably endowed Rights of Life, Liberty. and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Socialist Democrats’ violation of the American people’s GOD’s unalienably endowed Rights:

1.) LIFE – Which scientists & doctors proclaim starts at conception – Abortions, Infanticide, & Euthanasia!
2.) Liberty – ‘Banning of Free Speech’ (Hate Speech) & ‘Censoring of People’s Ability to Learn the Truth’!
3.) Happiness – Denying people’s choice of what they think best & forcing them to accept other’s choice!

In Socialism & Communism, only those who run the government has the discretion to endow & revoke whatever Rights that they want to allow or not allow, at any time they want to, never allowing anything that those who run the state disagrees with, and that is why the Democrats have been attacking our ‘Free Speech’, our ‘Freedom of Religion’, our ‘Privacy Rights’, & our ‘Right to Bear Arms’, the bedrocks of our ‘Constitutional Republic’, which Democrats want the ignorant to believe is a Democracy, and its not.


My family has served this nation for 10 generations. We serve the constitution not George soros . Every generation n my family has suffered blood and treasure left on the battlefield. So what right does this county employee have to refuse a federal court judge!
I would love for the judge to ask this individual what are his concerns about this election? What gives him the right to question a federal judges orders? His job title does not make him better than any other citizens and there rights. So, if this idiot successfully fights his contemporary hearings , are we to assume that a federal order does not pertain to us ?


If the there was no wrong doings in the 2020 election process in AZ why on earth are the Democrats refusing to cooperate with AZ State Senate to the point of being charged with contempt of Congressional Subpoenas? If the was no wrong doings than they should not have anything to worry about. The fact that they are refusing to answer the Subpoenas is a Big Red Flad that says They are indeed trying to hide something.


Put this law breaker sheriff in solitary till he comply’ s with the law. My country is at stake and some penny anti sheriff in Arizona can hold back information. Biden the pretender has to be swept out of the White House, and Soros out of the country. We only haave onc chance to restore liberty and sanity back to the Republic. Where the h23l are our leaders!

mark Foster

What’s there to hide?

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