Socialist Bernie Sanders Funneled Hundreds of Thousands Of Dollars From His Campaign To His Wife’s Charity

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The recent report that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist, has moved $200,000 from his campaign into the non-profit institute that employs both his wife and son is an eyebrow-raising move with potentially concerning implications.

Sanders frequently speaks out in favor of fairness and equality within the capitalist system, yet it appears that he’s doing quite well for himself financially in the process.

Questions arise surrounding the true purpose of this non-profit organization as to what exactly it does – if anything at all.

It is not clear whether or not any money actually went into this institute or where it ended up going. Even more suspiciously, Sanders refused to comment on these allegations when asked about them by reporters. This raises even further questions about what is really going on behind closed doors and how much truth there is to these accusations.

It would be understandable if some are wondering why such a large sum of money was transferred from Sanders’ presidential campaign funds into this obscure non-profit organization run by his own family members.

Some have suggested that this could be a way for Sanders to funnel money away from public scrutiny in order to benefit himself personally or his family members without being held accountable for it later on down the road.

Overall, Bernie Sander’s decision to transfer $200,000 from his campaign funds into an unknown non-profit institute run by his family members raises serious ethical issues which cannot go unanswered without further investigation.

If Bernie truly believes in equality and fairness within our society then he should also apply those same values to himself, otherwise he will inevitably lose credibility amongst his supporters and colleagues alike.

From FOX News:

Bernie Sanders funneled $200K in campaign cash to wife and stepson’s nonprofit institute, records reveal

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders quietly funneled $200,000 from his campaign’s coffers to his wife’s nonprofit institute, which appears to do very little work and pays six figures’ worth of compensation to her son, Fox News Digital has found.

The independent senator’s committee cut two $100,000 checks to the Sanders Institute for reported charitable contributions in January and March, its Federal Election Commission records show. The expenditures are the largest from the Sanders campaign to any entity this election cycle.

The senator’s wife, Jane O’Meara Sanders, and stepson, David Driscoll, co-established the Sanders Institute in 2017 to act as a think tank to promote progressive voices, The Washington Post wrote at its launch…

Just two years after its launch, in 2019, the institute announced it would suspend operations as Sen. Sanders sought the Democratic nomination for president to avoid the “appearance of impropriety” and presumably to take away a line of attack from his rivals over its money.

The institute has since quietly resumed operations while seemingly sidestepping media attention. Its latest publicly available tax forms from 2021 show the nonprofit burnt nearly 40% of its donations on salaries while appearing to conduct minimal work and having very few identifiable accomplishments.

Here are a few Twitter reactions to the story:

It appears Bernie Sanders has some explaining to do.




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