SMH: Pelosi Claims Refugees Have Rights and Sanctuary Cities Make Us Safer! [Video]

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President Trump has had a very busy week this week following up on his campaign promises. One of his campaign promises that Trump promised voters was that he would cut funds to sanctuary cities, and President Trump is doing exactly that.  Of course the very liberal and Democrat mayors of those “sanctuary cities” like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, DC. are all crying foul!

Even House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi claims that the best way to keep America safe is to keep bringing in unvetted Islamic refugees. Yep, that’s right! As far as she and her other liberal colleagues are concerned…the more the merrier. Pelosi believes more immigrants actually help to make us safer. Say WHAT?!


H/T I Have The Truth:

Pelosi is claiming that the best way to keep America safe is to bring unvetted Islamic refugees into our country… the more the merrier evidently. Get this… she says they have a ‘right’ to come here. Uh no, they don’t. They aren’t US citizens and do not have constitutional rights. Refugees and immigrants are subject to our laws, but do not have the same rights as we do. That doesn’t mean we can treat them however we want… we have to follow the law. But it does mean they are not subject to ‘Constitutional rights’. Pelosi invoked the Constitution every five seconds or so. She either has no idea what is in it, or more likely, is just making crap up for her own agenda. I was ready to vomit after watching this shrew.

From PolitiStick:

During her CNN Town Hall on Tuesday night, House Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi told a questioner asking how she planned to keep America safe that refugees coming from terrorist countries have a “right” to come to America.

Uh, excuse me? Someone should remind Pelosi that constitutional rights do not apply to people who are not American and not even in this country. Period.

From Chicks On the Right:

“As far as sanctuary cities is concerned, our city of San Francisco is a sanctuary city. And we see it as a place where it makes us safer. It makes us safer because people can go to school, get driver’s license[s]– they can be witnesses against other violence they see in the community,” she explained.

Sanctuary cities make us safer because illegals can get driver’s licenses, you guys! And it also makes us safer because illegals can be witnesses of violence! Isn’t that great? More eyes on crime, duh! (Pelosi doesn’t want to talk about the murder of Kate Steinle, you can be sure of that.)

It gets worse. Pelosi actually spoke with a mother whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant.

She went on to say that sanctuary cities make us safer. Excuse me? Does the name Kate Steinle mean anything at all to this moron? She claimed San Francisco was safer because illegal aliens could get driver’s licenses. No… that just makes them able to pay insurance and legally get behind the wheel where it is easier to run someone over.

Then she made some incoherent point about them witnessing violence. Well, I’ll give her that. Considering they are a big part of the violent crime segment, of course they witness crimes. Pelosi had the utter nerve to speak down to the mother of someone who was killed by an illegal immigrant. She feigned caring, but it was about as believable as her Constitutional references. She tried to nail the poor woman, demanding to know where the murder was committed and if it was actually in a sanctuary city. What a despicable piece of work this woman is. Just retire already and leave us in peace. I can’t believe people vote this moonbat in over and over and over again. SMH.

wait….there’s more…..

What did I tell you? …Utter stupidity right? …and yet Democrats continue to wonder how they are losing elections and are still baffled how Trump won the presidency. Just blows your mind doesn’t it?

It’s time for Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan to pass  Kate’s Law! President Trump is putting America FIRST and it’s time Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats did too! There has been enough lawlessness in America for the past 8 years, it’s time to get down to law and order, the adults are in charge now.





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