This DEMOCRAT MAYOR Was Caught on Tape Calling BLACKS ‘Chimps’ And Women…WOW!

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Another ‘tolerant Liberal’ goes off-script. Thank you, to all the crazy, racist, sexist Libtards for accidentally showing the world who you REALLY are.

The Mayor of Warren, Michigan, Jim Fouts (D), has found himself in hot water over some pretty SERIOUSLY racist audio recordings.

Fouts denies that the tapes are authentic,claiming a political opponent has recreatied the audio tapes slander him…but its looking like one pretty disturbing one is already costing him his weekly radio show.

VIA| An ex-aide to the mayor of Detroit’s largest suburb has said it’s no surprise that his former employer has been accused of making racist remarks on tape.

Joe DiSano, a white man who worked for Warren mayor Jim Fouts from 2003-2013, says his then-boss would frequently ‘casually’ make racist remarks in front of him.

‘At one of the last meetings I ever had with him, he actually stood at the front of the conference room table and danced around like he was monkey,’ DiSano told The Detroit Free Press. ‘And that was in reference to voters in Detroit.’

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