A Six Flags in Georgia is pushed the liberal agenda.  On October 11, the park hosted a Muslim “Friends and Family” day.  This means park inhabitants were forced to adhere to Muslim principles.

If you’re wondering what Muslim principles mean, you aren’t the only one.  The park cooked only Halal-friendly food (bye funnel cakes!).  It only played Muslim-approved music called Nasheed.  It also hosted informative lectures on Islam.

The guidelines were dictated by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).  In the past, the organization has found the most effective way to push Muslim integration is during fun activities.  Hence, their push into Six Flags.

six flags

Lectures: the main reason everyone goes to amusement parks.

The park was be open to the public.  In fact, those of other religions were encouraged to attend.  The liberal agenda you can bet ensured nobody had fun.

In the past, Six Flags hosted various “days” such as “Education Day” and nights for new graduates.

It really is a shame that places you’d literally go to for amusement are feeling the heat from liberals.  I can’t purchase a meal without running into a “gender neutral restroom”.  I listen as waiters struggle to point out vegan items on food menus.

These batty liberals have ranted and raved to such a loud degree that we all face no choice but to bow down to their outlandish demands.

No more.

Until all religions get their own day at Six Flags, there is no reason EVER for a Muslim day.  This is yet another inflammatory move that will polarize the community.  It’s robbing families of enjoyment.

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Sure, it’s only one day.  But past experience shows: give a liberal an inch, and they will take a mile.

Alexander Fairfax

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