SILLY: A Perfect MAGA Moment Of Good Humor, Share This To Watch A Democrat Flip Out

In what must be the most perfect moment of good humor, a video of a man in a black hat, doing a perfect impersonation of President Donald J. Trump’s voice, has surfaced from Tik Tok in perfect time when people need a good chuckle.

The account can be traced back to a content creator known as Captain Deplorable.

The voice impersonation is awesome, and the story is must watch; this is going to be a classic:

Did you see that?  At a time when the leftish cancel culture has dealt Americans crushing blows and destroyed people’s faith in each other, when even neighbors are reporting each other over leftist obsession with dividing people over electoral and government systems, and as they have taken so much of our enthusiasm for Trump and kicked us in the teeth our patriotic love of America, it is good to have a laugh and enjoy something together.

The left is so obsessed with owning the narrative over Dr. Seuss that they will even send fact-checkers to bust people for talking about the actions of the left:

I covered lead stories fact-checking Dr. Seuss stories:

The reason why it is funny to make fun of the left’s obsession and anal response to people making fun of them over Dr. Suess is as Matt Couch posted on Twitter:

They have canceled or censored Dumbo, Peter Pan, Pepe Le Pew, Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss, Lady, and the Tramp, removed classics like Grease and Gone With The Wind, a classic Christmas song, “Baby It’s Cold Outside”… but soft porn is now okay for primetime TV with Cardi B & WAP?”

Their double standards are funny and also crazy. We can’t help but notice.

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There are lawmakers making fun of the left too! Plenty of people are picking up on the irony of the leftist cancel fetish and roundly mocking them:

The leftist media is covering it- like it is a real story…

Perhaps if everything is about Dr. Seuss, the leftist media will cover it.


Democrats are desperate to try the shaming tactics on people who are using Seuss to mock them, and that is how you know we won.

Look at the seriousness:

See the Talking points:

They lost, and now they are desperate to stop people from making memes, jokes, poems, and having fun at their expense.  One thing the left hates is when the right applies good hour to their power grabs and insurrections against us.

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Laughter is the best medicine to deal with the constant personal attacks from them.

The video above is joyful and happy, and pleasant. I hope you have enjoyed it. And please share it to flip out a Democrat.

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