Sick Quacks At MSNBC Target Truck Drivers With Their Racism

MSNBC isn’t even trying to hide their racism anymore. Their disdain for the white population is almost a mental illness with these guys. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this latest rant by Tiffany Cross where she deems white truck drivers a threat and paints the industry as racist.

“I have to tell you my brother is a truck driver, and he drives across the country and it is very nerve-wracking to me when he is on the road because it feels like a dangerous industry but you are trying to disrupt that and being more people who look like us to the industry.”

“Yes, we are…” Day responded.

“This is an industry populated by a lot of White men over the age of 55,” the host added. “This group of people overwhelmingly voted for Trump. Some people have talked about aggressive truck drivers cutting them off or not being helpful.”

“So, obviously, the more populated it is with people of color I think you’ll see less of that. But how can you encourage people to come and disrupt this space when it seems unwelcoming?” Cross asked.

“Well, I think just what you are doing, getting myself as a black female out there and letting people know I drove for almost 8 years, and yes ran into lots of racism, but however was out there to do my job…” Day claimed.


Let’s talk numbers for a second: In the US the breakdown is something like 60% non-Hispanic white, 18% Hispanic, 13% black, and 2% Asian according to the 2021 census.

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According to Zippa truck drivers are about 62% white, 14% black, and almost 17% Hispanic. The statistics practically mirror US averages making truck driving one of the most diverse positions so what the heck is Cross talking about????

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Brian Rook

Black folks need to wake up en mass to the fact that they are being used by the DNC. The DNC are overtly racist to the core.

RockyMtn 1776

Didn’t you know, EVERYTHING that does not fit their narrative is racist.

Aelred A.

Your first mistake is assuming these talking heads’ aim is to report facts; it’s not; they are there to push a narrative. It’s clear from her rhetoric: she doesn’t say “how can you encourage people to come to this line of work”; she says, “How can you encourage people to come and disrupt this space…” The very language is aggressive and violence oriented.


Take your RACE CARD and stick it where the sun doesn’t SHINE TIFFANY CROSS AH


Remove these racist skanks!

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