SHOCKING: Trump Faces Ban from Six Countries and Gun Surrender

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President Trump may face travel restrictions to several key countries if re-elected, due to a recent conviction in a kangaroo NYC court.

New York immigration attorney Karin Wolman explained that his felony counts would likely impact his ability to travel to Australia, China, India, Israel, New Zealand, and Taiwan for diplomatic purposes.

These nations are important U.S. allies or geopolitical adversaries, and all require visa applications that inquire about criminal backgrounds.

To enter these countries, Trump would likely have to apply for a waiver and a temporary visa, according to Wolman. “It will be up to each country whether they want to waive his 34 felony convictions,” she said.

Wolman stated that she does not anticipate these countries prohibiting Trump, but the possibility of a ban cannot be ruled out if radical leftists come to power in allied governments or if China wishes to use the conviction as a statement.

Furthermore, the situation worsens for the 45th president, as Trump, a licensed gun owner, will be required to relinquish his firearms in the upcoming weeks due to the conviction.

According to New York state and federal law, individuals convicted of felonies are prohibited from possessing firearms.

Criminal defense attorney Peter Tilem clarified that this means another person must take possession of the guns or they must be surrendered to state authorities by Trump’s sentencing on July 11.

“There is no grace period,” Tilem said. “You are federally prohibited once you are convicted.”

Back in 2016, Trump told a French magazine during an interview regarding a string of terror attacks in France that he is always packing heat.

“I always carry a weapon on me,” he said. “If I’d been at the Bataclan concert hall or one of those bars, I would have opened fire.”

In the case brought by Alvin Bragg and corrupt Judge Juan Merchan, a jury in New York City convicted Trump on all 34 counts in the lawfare case on Thursday afternoon.

After one of American history’s greatest injustices, a jubilant Merchan greeted the jury members and praised their “dedication and hard work.”

The upcoming sentencing phase on July 11 will provide Merchan with an opportunity to pursue Trump’s imprisonment.

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