Shock Video: Leftists Swing Dildos In Kids’ Faces To ‘ Encourage Them To Read’

You do not have to be a genius to realize that people who want to prey upon your children look for excuses to be in their presence.

Be it a coach, a daycare worker or even a teacher, criminals (of course I’m not suggesting that all, or even a large % of members of those professions, want to hurt kids) always will find a way to get close to their prey.

Now, when you schtick is strapping a dildo to your crotch and swinging it around like … God only knows what … and then you go to a library to do this infant of children … I’m not saying that makes you a pedophile, but let’s just say it sure doesn’t help the odds that you are not.

Cassandra Fairbanks of The Gateway Pundit reported:

A London public library has issued an apology after hiring a man to dress as a rainbow-colored, bare bottomed, dildo swinging monkey to encourage children to read.

Redbridge Libraries Summer Reading Challenge event at Goodmayes Library in east London sent shockwaves through social media as footage of the monkey thrusting his prosthetic penis at passing vehicles went viral.

The sick performer, now known online as “Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey,” is part of the Mandiga Arts Group.

The Standard reports that “Redbridge Council said that they did not arrange the event and it was organised by Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure (RCL), a registered charity and a non-profit organisation, who have ‘since apologised to residents’.”

Warning, the following images are not safe for work, or anywhere, really.

Following massive outrage from both local parents and the rest of the world, the library has now issued an apology and said that “this will never happen again.”

“During an event put on at the library today there was a performance by a Carnival Arts Company. Unfortunately one of the animal costumes was inappropriate which we were not aware of at the time of booking. We deeply apologize for the offense caused. This is being looked into,” their statement posted to Twitter began.

The statement continued on to say that “a further statement will be made. This event was arranged by Vision and not Redbridge Council. Upon receiving complaints passed on by the Leader and Deputy Leader, we ceased the performance and are truly apologetic for the distress caused to residents. This will never happen again.”


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The bizarre artist group said in a statement, “We never intended to offend residents. We respect everyone’s individual opinion with no offence to any part.”

I supported gay marriage as a matter of law and I still do, but I am sure those who suggested that allowed gay marriage would eventually devolve into this type of behavior are saying ‘ I told you so’.

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Now, I’m not sure the two are correlated, but I am saying that if we allow this behavior to go unchecked countless children will have their innocence stolen from them, and that’s not happening if I have anything to say about it.  Everyone who sat in on a single meeting dealing with the event needs to be fired and tried for child endangerment.

Honestly, who thinks it’s a good idea to wave dildos in children’s faces?  I’ll give you one guess …

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Oh my gosh…..that is absolutely disgusting…. How could anyone hire something so vile to be around precious little children. Satan has truly taken over the minds of people. They are so depraved and disgusting.

Madeleine Morris

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How do you hire somebody and not know what costume they will have will be wearing.


The left is doing anything and everything they can to destroy the innocence of our children.

Alicia Manning

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Fred Mertz

Some men, just need killing.


Ok, yeah, That’s not pushing the envelope too far…….
So when do we release the morals police?


What do you expect from a bunch of depraved sodomites? An example of the need for eliminating such from civilized society.

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