Sex Cult Discovered Filled With People Who Influenced Politicians And Public Policy

Powerful political allies from the left and right have joined forces to mock and gaslight the average “populist” American who might read alternative media over the mainstream media (MSM) and who looks on the culture of the elite and feels nauseated and embarrassed, and the political elite hates the average American for their spirituality, values, and Western Civilization love. Now, consider how weird the elite are.

According to The Telegraph, in an article titled, Inside the multi-million dollar orgasm cult endorsed by Hollywood. A story of idealism and desire, of Californian sex communes….and three-hour orgasms,” Mick Brown describes in detail in what he calls something, “very, very bizarre.”

Brown reveals numerous Hollywood celebrities who are involved in some bizarre sexual business, where someone sells the idea that ancient meditation techniques are sexually pleasing. They do this for a lot of money, participants can be told they are some sort of reincarnation of a goddess while they get men to obsess about their sexual, and long-lasting, physical pleasure.


Consider the power that celebrities like ,the following, have to influence public policy by intermingling with political media and lawmakers.

Yes. Another weird sex cult. And recall talk show hosts will call anyone who notices these issues,  a wild conspiracy theorist, for suggesting that the political elite are involved in weird sex cults. Yet there it is, more proof that some actually are involved in weird sex cults.

The left has brought us the Vagina Monologues, the Pussy hats, a BDSM manual; 50 Shades of Grey, transgender and pedophiles everywhere, Jeffrey Epstein and his well-connected list of perverts-and now we find out that obsession with institutional female dominance is actually a weird sex cult. One that was lifted from ancient meditation practices and given a new focus; a focus on something the left is obsessed with, a sex cult that involves scented candles from their body orders.

Average Americans are not going to get this.

From his article, Brown tells us things that will seem very foreign and strange to the average American who doesn’t have the elite’s leisure time or disposable income. The article sounds like people who simply have too much time and too much money, and not enough healthy hobbies to keep their minds occupied. Read the article.

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“In 2011, an American author and businesswoman named Nicole Daedone gave a TEDx talk in San Francisco in which she spoke of her plans to build an empire on the female orgasm.

In the course of the talk, which has since been watched more than two million times on YouTube, Daedone, who had recently published a book entitled Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm, and was standing in front of two glowing, vulva-shaped lights, described how in 1998 at a party she had met a man who practiced what he called ‘contemplative sexuality’.

Bloomberg did an expose on the group uncovering numerous fraudulent schemes and allegations of sexual abuse.

The Washington Post reported on the matter and said:

“ex-staffers say the company was basically a “sex cult,” complete with a messianic leader, BBC journalist Nastaran Tavakoli-Far says in the first episode of The Orgasm Cult.

The series promises first-person accounts from former staffers — plus graphic descriptions of the “meditation” classes themselves.

“It involves a woman undressing from the waist down, lying on a nest of pillows, and having her clitoris stroked, usually by a man, very precisely on the upper left-hand quadrant, the so-called ‘one o’clock spot,” Tavakoli-Far tells listeners, describing what participants called “OM-ing,” their catchphrase for “orgasmic meditation.”

The Telegraph reported that “In October 2018, after the Bloomberg exposé, OneTaste announced it was closing all its US offices saying instead it would be focusing on online education to reach a wider audience. But the OneTaste website no longer exists…And Nicole Daedone disappeared.”

That is also weird.

Her Wikipedia page describes Daedone as, “Nicole Daedone is an American businesswoman. Born in Los Gatos, California, she holds a bachelor’s degree in gender communications from San Francisco State University. She studied with teachers of yoga, Kabbalah, and Buddhist meditation, and with Ray Vetterlein, who was in turn inspired by Morehouse.”

In the article by Brown, Daedone obviously lifted some ideas about meditation techniques, found some people prone to self-indulgence who had too much money and perhaps some personality disorders, and added some female orgasms to it all, made some money, and then disappeared. Remember, some of the rubes of this whole none are highly influential political leaders.


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And Americans who call the elite perverts, pedophiles, rapists, and sexually deviant are right. What is described for readers appears to expose wealthy and powerful people who are dabbling in a sexual activity completely focused on extending their own pleasures and justifying the added ego gratification because they are progressive and bringing forth new ideas.

However, crimes are alleged at the hands of this business.

Except these ideas are as old as humanity, technology or not, and they produce a dysfunction called narcissism. Consider that the symptoms of narcissism are: Symptoms include an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.

From Breitbart in Jan 2020, the left, led by Paltrow, celebrated their sexual oddities in public, showing America their powerful cultural influences at the same time, in a voyeuristic splash with Netflix.

“Hollywood star and wellness entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow hosted her Goop company event in front of a vagina-shaped flower arrangement on Tuesday.

Paltrow sold out of her stock of “vagina-scented” candles ahead of her special screening of the upcoming Netflix series about her offbeat company, Goop Lab,” Breitbart reported.

While the average American is struggling to raise families and watching their Civil Liberties being stolen from them by an elite group of politicians who are influenced by bizarre media obsessed with celebrity culture, this story is just not funny.


These people need to be far away from influencing public policy. Suppose Silicon Valley has that much free time on its hands. They may understand the needs and rights of Americans better if they spent more time working and less time looking for three-hour orgasms.

So, in other words, supporters of President Donald J. Trump who said the left is really messed up weirdos involved with sex cults- were right.


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Mind boggling!


They are sickening.


Paltrow has biig warts oin her tiniy titis and refuses to swalilow!


once again, Alex Jones is proven right.


Freaks, and proud of it. Weird, and proud of it. Sick, and don’t know it.




That is very scary, dick, but as Rome fell, so could our America. Dems are going so far left they will never find their way home. The trouble is they are causing our fate.

Mark Gravitte

The Bible is clear about leaving your mother and father and clinging unto your wife. You then become one. Those idiots are the lowest form of humanity. It’s gonna be hot!

Mark Gravitte

Slick Willie and killary are at the top of the list. Why does God allow this bullshit to go on? I am just a fallable human being and don’t understand.


It is not up to God. He does not allow this; the screwball, sexual nutheads are responsible. They should be scraped up and put away in a nuthouse all their own.

Mark Gravitte

I understand free will. These bastards are never held accountable for anything.


Hey Mark, they’ll be held accountable in the end times. They will be judged. It’s just a matter of time.


Honey traps attract flies.

Mark Gravitte

We all know transgender, pedophile slick Willie (aka: bill clinton) is at the top of of this sickening shit list. Been on the Lolita express lately slick Willie? 27 times and counting you POS!


Joe Biden swimming naked in front of his protection detail. Sniffing little girls hair. Touching little girls. Hunter Biden naked and high on crack showing himself in front of his thirteen year old niece.

Cathy Harper

China has something on Hunter and old Daddy is doing what China wants to protect his son. How sad.


Hollywood, with few exceptions, is a place where scumbags congregate.


Sick people. The worlds gone mad with lust. Have a look at what the Romans liked to do.The Romans loved to put on a big show in the Colosseum and they were always trying to top each other. Usually this was done with copious bloodshed. Toward that end, criminals were often executed in the area. One of the ways the Romans put criminals to death was via sex with animals. The animals used, which must have taken some incredible training, included bulls, wild dogs, baboons and giraffes.

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