Serial Police Attacker Laughs As He Slashes At Female Officer In Northampton

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Video footage has surfaced capturing a harrowing incident in Northampton, where a man viciously attacked a police officer with a knife. The disturbing event unfolded on March 8 when law enforcement officers responded to reports of an assault at a residential property.

As they arrived at the scene, they were met by Gordon Finnlayson, 39, who greeted them with a sneering remark, boldly declaring, “You are too late.”

Suddenly and without warning, he brandished a knife and launched into an aggressive assault on one of the officers, forcing her to the ground while his laughter drowned out her desperate cries for help.

Despite the officers’ efforts to disarm him, Finnlayson persisted in violently shoving and pushing them to the ground.

He callously spewed derogatory language at them as he made his escape from the scene.

Outside the property, the injured officer anxiously asked her colleague to check if she had been stabbed, expressing immediate regret for instinctively stepping back due to uncertainty about her own condition.

Even during his subsequent arrest, Finnlayson displayed no remorse and continued to laugh callously in public. It took three deployments of a taser for authorities to finally subdue him and take him into custody.

Fortunately, the injured officers did not sustain major physical injuries but were promptly rushed to the hospital for thorough evaluation.

Following these appalling events, Finnlayson was brought before Northampton Crown Court where he admitted guilt on two counts of Section 18 attempted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

His extensive criminal record was also brought to light during the court proceedings, revealing 35 previous convictions including seven assaults on police officers.

As a result of his actions, Finnlayson was sentenced to six years in prison.

Detective Inspector Nick Peters emphasized the extraordinary courage exhibited by the officers during this violent and sustained assault.

Despite facing an armed assailant who was larger in size, these brave individuals stood united and worked tirelessly to protect one another from potentially fatal harm.

Peters expressed deep gratitude for their unwavering determination and valor displayed in such challenging circumstances.






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