Secret Service Agents Blow Whistle On Biden, His Penchant For Getting Naked & HRC

Joe Biden likes to go swimming in the nude, especially around his female Secret Service agents…and none are too happy about it. Of course, if Biden were a Republican, this would be sexual harassment, but since he isn’t, it’s not.

Ron Kessler, wrote about the Secret Service in a book titled The First Family Detail. He found that the worst assignment Secret Service agents can get is Hillary Clinton. The second worst is Joe Biden.

Kessler wrote:

“Mr. Biden’s lack of consideration was even more stunning when it came to female agents, who were offended that the vice president bizarrely swam naked in front of them often daily at his pools at the vice president’s residence in Washington and at his home in Delaware.”

The agents also complain about his lack of scheduling. At the last minute, he will decide to fly or ride home and the agent’s personal lives were often disrupted. Lack of consideration from the political elite is to be expected as is sexual assault.

From Breitbart News

He put this perv show on almost every day.

While Secret Service agents have nothing but nice things to say about the Obamas and Trumps, who are consistently considerate of those protecting them, Biden was consistently thoughtless.

With just a few moments notice, Biden would decide to fly home to Delaware, disrupting any plans the agents might have had. This turned their “personal lives into nightmares.”

“It’s tough on people’s family lives and marriages,” a Secret Service agent told Kessler. “Because of the fluid schedule, we don’t have the manpower to allow any time for firearms requalification or physical fitness training.”

“Biden likes to be revered as everyday Joe, and that’s his thing,” a second agent added. “But the reality is no agents want to go on his detail because Biden makes agents’ lives so tough.”Think about the kind of sick pervert who would, without her consent, expose himself to a female Secret Service agent?

If you want to talk about a man abusing his power, how about the vice president of the United States parading around naked in front of helpless, female Secret Service agents who have no agency to pushback — they just shut up and take it from a jerk they’re willing to take a bullet for.

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Biden is a sick old man

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Old wolf

That’s one I’d 5hink twice about taking a bullet for . I’d hope it would hit him right in the nuts for walking around naked

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Desert Dweller

Instead of taking a bullet for..they should have been more willing to give a bullet TO!! imho could have done the world a favor imho

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Victor B Anderson

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Ah! Yes out President a pervert even as VP he loved ro expose him self to Female Secret service agents Like father like son. They actually believe they are above the law. and the Buffoon proves it every day.


Recently heard he showers naked with granddaughter, Dr. Jill looks the other way.

Harry O

Xan: Recently heard it right? Yeah from under your bed where the voices come from!!! The voices, Oh they come, Yes they come, the voices……………LISTEN!!!! Listen carefully under the bed and you’ll hear the command………..HANG MIKE PENSE!!!!!!……..


Ahhhh-It Brings tears to My Eyes-The Poor little Secret Service Agents Have a Bad Life and Deal with a Senile Pretend Puppet President Addicted To Child Porn who likes To Let His Pencil Dick Hang Out!-Cos Thats Its Namesake-Pencil Dick!-LOL-Try Accidently on Purpose Spilling Some Draino In Its Bath or Pool Next Time-Dikheads!

Harry O

Hey RV its Dic*kheads………..So, like now, its hard to take anything you say seriously………..

Harry O

Because Biden doesn’t grab em by the pussy is why!!!!


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