Sean Hannity Shocked By Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox: ‘It’s Very Hard’

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Fox News’ decision to part ways with Tucker Carlson has come as a shock to many, especially longtime Fox News anchor Sean Hannity. Hannity, who hosts the show immediately following Carlson’s, said that he had no idea that Carlson would be leaving.

“My phone has been blowing up all day. The hard part for me is I don’t have a clue,” Hannity said on his radio show “The Sean Hannity Show” Monday night. “I have no idea. Was it Tucker’s decision? Was it Fox’s? Was it a mutual agreement that they had? I don’t know.”

Hannity further noted that if anyone thinks his tenure at Fox News should give him some insider knowledge, they should remember that he doesn’t “own the company.”

The news of Carlson’s departure has been met with mixed reactions. Former President Donald Trump expressed his surprise at Fox News’ decision, given Carlson’s incredibly high ratings. Former Fox News host Glenn Beck predicted that Carlson’s exit would “kill” Fox News.

For many, Carlson’s departure is a huge loss. He has been a powerful voice in the media, speaking up against the establishment and advocating for free speech. His show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” has been airing since 2016, and has been one of the highest rated shows on Fox News.

The interim program, “Fox News Tonight,” will air at 8 p.m. ET until a permanent replacement for Carlson is named. It’s going to be hard for Fox News to replace someone like Carlson, who has been a popular figure on the network for many years.

Fox News’ decision to part ways with Carlson has been highly criticized. It’s a decision that has left many wondering why Carlson was let go. His show was bringing in high ratings, and he was providing an important voice on the network.

Fox News should have kept Carlson on the air and allowed him to continue to give viewers an alternative perspective. His departure is a huge loss for Fox News and it’s one that will be hard to replace.




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