SD Gov. Kristi Noem Signs 2 Executive Orders To Protect Athletes After Vetoing Transgender Sports Bill

South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem has been under fire since announcing she was not signing a transgender bill her legislature presented her that would protect women’s sports in the Mount Rushmore State by stating that biological men play in men’s sports and biological women play in women’s sports. Her reasoning wasn’t being accepted.

On Monday, Noem issued two executive orders that she says will take the place of the transgender sports bill that the state’s House of Representatives passed after it rejected her “style and form” revisions.

Here’s the thing. The bill presented to Noem would have upheld the biological definition of sex, which would ensure that “any athletic team or sport” sponsored or sanctioned by a public school, school district, qualifying association, or institution of higher education would have to be “expressly designated” as either a male, female, or coed team. But after Noem’s revisions, the protections are inapplicable at the collegiate level. They would also be meaningless because she removed a basic requirement for biological-sex verification. No one understands why she did it.

Noem took to social media to announce her decision in a three-part tweet on Monday after being trashed by many conservatives for trying to revise the Women’s Fairness in Sports bill in order to avoid lawsuits by transgender activists who wish to destroy women’s sports. Her critics noted that her revisions would have gutted the protections intended for biologically female athletes.

“Only girls should play girls’ sports. Given the legislature’s failure to accept my proposed revisions to HB 1217, I am immediately signing two executive orders to address this issue: one to protect fairness in K-12 athletics, and another to do so in college athletics,” said Noem.

“Additionally, I will be working with legislative leaders to schedule a special legislative session in late May or early June. The special session will address this important issue, as well others (medicinal marijuana and the latest federal spending package.) (2/3)”

You can read the K-12 Executive Order here:

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You can read the collegiate Executive Order here:

In all fairness, it was a gutsy move. Noem is taking the America First approach, which is consistently the common sense approach by calling it a play for “fairness” in sports. The Left will argue that it’s bigoted to not allow biological men to play sports against biological women. And we should let them make those arguments because it will only expose how nutty

Noem caught a lot of heat from a lot of conservatives who believed she was caving to the Woke Supremacy. There’s more to it than just that. Up until this issue, Governor Noem was a rising star in the Republican Party, especially in how she handled the COVID pandemic where she never ordered the mandatory wearing of masks or draconian lockdowns and South Dakota fared better than 40 other states claiming that she never wanted to do anything that overstepped her legal authority and that the typical COVID-19 mitigation strategies did just that. Conservatives are getting tired of politicians they admire caving to the Left in this country and that’s how it appeared when Noem who said she was going to sign the bill suddenly did a 180 and gave the excuse that supposed “legal experts,” who were never named, advised her that the NCAA would eliminate any events in South Dakota and that she would lose in a court battle given today’s Woke political climate.

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The governor’s revisions drew some flak from many conservatives who believed she let them down like so many other Republican politicians by caving to the Woke Supremacy. Noem’s office responded by hitting back at the “uniformed cancel culture” of her critics in a statement by Ian Fury (catchy name) spokesman who still looks like a teenager:

“If conservative media would take 5 seconds to read past the knee-jerk headlines and actually understand Governor Noem’s position, they’d come to a very different realization,” the statement read.

Noem defended her policies in an interview with talk radio host and TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck.

“I’m a small state. South Dakota is small,” she said. “We have to fight hard to even get any tournaments or games in the state of South Dakota. And I recognize the NCAA can come in and crush me, and can make an example out of me, and point to South Dakota and say, ‘See, no other state better challenge us whatsoever.’ So that’s why I’m trying to be smart about this and build a coalition of athletes, of states, of governors, of attorneys generals, and show the NCAA that we’re going to fight to make sure that only girls can play in girls’ sports.”

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She did not veto. She asked for changes before she signed. Isn’t it time we looked at issues from all angles to determine what is going on. People are the sum total of all of their actions & decisions. We will like some, bit most likely not all. Why are we trying to define individuals based on one decision out of many & why is no one asking why SD legislature didn’t vote on the changes. Maybe they could write a bill following her EO’s or at least have an open dialogue. Don’t know about anyone else, but I am tired of this stuff.

George Faught

I would agree but don’t give me the “ some people did something “. Who are the people giving you the advice. Have your advice team front and center. Trump does the same crap when he takes advice from his leftest son in law.

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