Scientists Discover Antibody That Can Protect People from Getting CΟVID and Variants

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If someone wastes time listening to the mainstream media’s CΟVID narrative, they’ll be missing out. You won’t hear serious questions. There is virtually no one talking about natural immunity. Any evidence of distorted CΟVID numbers is met with a scowl by the liberal left.

Nowhere in the annals of fake news reporting will you get statistics on medical problems caused by the CΟVID vaccination. However, viewers will be repeatedly instructed on why everyone must get “the jab”. The truth about this pandemic is being manipulated, even buried.

Recently, one such story surfaced from a pair of North Carolina universities. A scientific CΟVID antibody breakthrough did not earn a spot on the fake news media’s list of important stories. If you’ve been following the way CΟVID is reported, you’d understand why.

The mainstream media is in the back pocket of the liberal Democrat Party. Liberal Democrats have been manipulating the American public with CΟVID misinformation for nearly two-years. CΟVID is their political football. It’s the only one they have left.

It keeps the public fearful and apprehensive. Anytime good news is revealed by the science, liberals treat it with their own untruthful apprehension. Democrats even questioned the efficacy of the vaccinations before they were released.

Liberals use only the CΟVID information that meets their power-and-control narrative. So, an astonishing breakthrough discovery by scientists at The University of North Carolina and Duke cannot be openly revealed to the public.

If a new antibody has been discovered, it might give substance to those Americans who are reluctant to get Joe Biden’s Draconian “jab”. This “jab”, the CΟVID vaccination, hasn’t even stopped people from contracting and then spreading the deadly virus.

The early evidence from the Duke/UNC reports show an antibody that can shut down the virus and its variants before you even get sick. Once the virus leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, liberals have been conniving, calculating ways to manipulate public opinion.

Prior to the beginning of the new football season, the number one CΟVID propagandist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, bemoaned of a massive, uncontrollable super spread. It never happened. Just like most of what comes out of Fauci’s mouth, it was an attempt to instill fear.

However, by continuing to push vaccine mandates and calling the unvaccinated killers, the Biden administration maintains control of the CΟVID narrative. It’s no wonder why their cronies in the mainstream media avoid such promising stories as those coming from North Carolina.

This discovery will not only be a game-changer in the fight against CΟVID, scientists believe it could dismantle additional outbreaks caused by other novel coronaviruses. The antibody is perceived to be effective against variants as well.

Anyone following the liberal’s CΟVID playbook should not find the burying of this story, and other positive CΟVID news, as surprising. Positive CΟVID news gives hope to the people. Liberals do not want Americans to have hope. They want the public to live in fear.

Virtually every story from the liberal mainstream media about CΟVID uses fear as a central focus. Reports rarely talk about positive stories such as these. It’s being done on purpose. Fearful people are much easier to control, and that’s the left’s true agenda.




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