School Bus Driver Slaps 10-Year-Old Girl in the Face For Not Wearing Mask Correctly Caught On Video [VIDEO]

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Alow life school bus driver admitted to slapping a 10-year-old girl on the bus because she wasn’t wearing her face mask correctly. Well, he had to admit to it because the whole thing was caught on video.

This creep of a Colorado school bus driver who was captured on video slapping the young female student was fired and he is facing multiple charges.

Isn’t it weird in this day and age to hear in the news that something actually ended the right way? I mean, didn’t you expect to hear that the little girl was blamed for getting slapped and that the bus driver should get a medal? Well, not so this time. For once, the bad guy is held accountable.

A bus surveillance camera caught the school bus driver, Bertram Jaquez, on film smacking a student in the face because of a dispute he was having with the young student. The video shows the bus driver confronting the little girl standing over her as she was seated on the bus. Allegedly, she lowered her mask to under her nose because as she said, “I get sick from masks,” according to a statement the girl wrote about the incident that took place on the roads of Fremont County.

Other children on the bus told the girl to put her mask back on. Young tyrants in the making.


The girl wrote that she “yelled at them and said you shut up you’re not involved in this.” The other kids ratted her out to the school bus driver when she didn’t put her mask on to their satisfaction.

The adult male bus driver then told the little girl to put on her mask all the way on, and she refused.

“Out of reaction, I slapped her once,” Jaquez wrote in a written statement to the school district. Unfortunately for him, there is no get-out-of-jail free card or do-overs on your first time slapping a little girl in the face.

At this point, I know every father reading this feels Mr. Jaquez is a very lucky man that it wasn’t their daughter. And I know every mother reading this is thinking of a scene where Jaquez is lying in a pool of his own blood with mom standing over him screaming, “HOW DO YOU RELOAD THIS *** D*MN THING!?”

Okay, it’s wrong to lay a hand on anybody. They call that assault and battery. Any real man knows that you do not hit children but only a real sleazeball would not understand that as an adult man you do not strike a 10-year-old girl.

In her written statement that will be used by the school district, the young girl wrote, “The bus driver slapt [sic] me.”

Jaquez was instantly put on administrative leave after the video materialized and is reportedly no longer working for the school district.

“Our school community is experiencing a very unfortunate situation,” a spokesperson for the Fremont County School District said in an email. “We have had a bus driver strike a child over the child not wearing a mask on the bus.”

You can also blame the Left for the mask hysteria nonsense. It is a known fact that young children rarely catch the coronavirus and are not super spreaders. If the young girl had problems breathing through her mask, the bus driver could have told her parents, he could have told the teachers, he could have told his immediate boss, he could have told the school principal. Instead, he slapped her.

The assault was investigated by the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. It appears that Jaquez is now going to face misdemeanor charges, including harassment, assault causing injury, and child abuse.




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