Scared Late-Night Hosts Turn Up The Rhetoric Against DeSantis As He Fights Woke Agendas

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Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been under fire by the woke left and liberal comics like Stephen Colbert and Jordan Klepper for making a joke about a potential state prison near Disney World.

While DeSantis clearly didn’t mean it as a serious suggestion, the outrage machine was quick to pounce and make it into an issue.

It’s not the first time DeSantis has been on the receiving end of the woke left’s ire; in fact, he’s been a regular target since taking office. But this time, they went after him for daring to point out that Disney should be held to the same standards as everyone else.

As DeSantis said, “People have said, you know, maybe have another– maybe create a state park, maybe try to do more amusement parks. Someone even said, like, maybe you need another state prison. Who knows? I mean, I just think that the possibilities are endless.”

In response to this, Colbert on The Late Show declared that DeSantis “couldn’t take control of Disney World, so now he’s talking about what he can do to the land around the park.” He then added, “I’m going to put Florida convicts next to your children.”

Now, this was obviously meant to be a joke, but Colbert used it as an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Republicans for being critical of Disney. And Klepper on The Daily Show used a picture of DeSantis in his boots to mock him, claiming he was “waging war on a cartoon mouse.”

It’s obvious that the woke left and liberal comics are trying to silence DeSantis and discredit his efforts to make sure that Disney plays by the same set of rules as everyone else. They’re using their platform to spread lies and misinformation in an attempt to delegitimize the Florida governor.

It’s a shame that the woke left and liberal comics are using their platforms to try to discredit and silence those who disagree with them. It’s especially unfortunate that they’re attacking DeSantis simply for wanting to make sure that Disney is held to the same standards as everyone else. We should be encouraging leaders like DeSantis, not trying to tear them down.




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