Article on “Scary Mommy” Says Sitting on Santa Promotes Rape Culture

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While the #MeToo campaign has undeniably brought positive change and outed a few creeps, sometimes people take it too far.  In a recent example, a woman said sitting on Santa’s lap promotes rape culture.

The story appeared on the website Scary Mommy.  Angela Chang, the writer, really reaches to make a point.

Here is an excerpt from her article:

“I was filled with shame and regret as I thought about previous years when I would plop my daughter onto Santa’s lap and laugh while taking pictures of her frantically trying to get away. I fully admit that I thought it was cute and funny — in an “ know she’s actually safe” kind of way. But she didn’t think she was safe.

“I put my child in a strange man’s lap and told her she had to stay there even though she was uncomfortable, so he would give her gifts.”

That sort of opinion belongs to a crazy person in a strange Facebook rant.  It’s surprising that a popular website even chose to run this piece.  No, sitting on Santa’s lap does not promote “rape culture”.  It only promotes that if you want it to.

It’s very clear that Chang is writing her piece to stir controversy and emotions within others, but not in a good way.

Here is more from her article:

My child’s high level of discomfort should be enough of an indicator that a situation is not okay. I want her to know that she can say no and be heard.

So we will not be repeating this little Christmas tradition this year. We might go to get a photograph and talk to Santa, but then again, we might skip it altogether because of the many, many voices (of photographers, bystanders, and even the big man himself) who will be telling my daughter that her comfort does not matter and that she should sit on Santa’s lap anyway like a good girl so he will bring her presents at Christmas.

What do you think of sitting on Santa’s lap?  Sound off below.




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