Sarah Sanders Steps Up To Podium, Says The BIGGEST Thing That Will Shame Obama Forever

Sarah Sanders went into the lion’s den today and as usual came out a winner. The lion’s den is otherwise known as the White House Press Briefing and they were all ready to ambush Sarah.

Isn’t she doing a tremendous job? Most would, even those on the left, would agree that she is.

NSA boss Mike Rogers testified earlier today that President Trump has not given him specific orders to take action against Russia for what they did in the election.

A reporter today went after Trump trying to prove collusion or something by asking Sarah why did Rogers say that.

Now, keep in mind that Rogers said they were taking action, he as of the moment has not had specific orders from General Mattis or President Trump – but they are doing something.

Because that is their job – they don’t need their hand held at work.

Sarah just owned the hapless reporter and made Obama hang his head in shame with this broadside:

“This president, as I told you last week, has been much tougher on Russian than his predecessor,” Sanders started before adding she took exception to the basic premise of the ridiculous question.

“Let’s recall that this happened under President Obama, not under President Trump. The president is looking at all the different causes and all the different ways that we can prevent it. As we find different ways we can do that, we’re implementing them, like you see with the money allocated by the State Department, as you see with the conversations that the secretary from DHS is having, we’re going to continue looking at different ways to combat it.”

Correct. The press wants Trump to go public with his plans to hit Russia, as Obama would have done and we all know how that worked out right?

Yep, we remember – Military plans should stay secret until they are realized or what is the point?

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