Russians Dispute ‘Collective Punishment’, You Know How To Fix That, Right?

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Global efforts to sanction Russia after Putin’s unprovoked attack of Ukraine are starting to take effect and Russians are not happy about it. Many of them have complained that the sanctions unfairly punish Russians but that is kind of the point. To reassure Putin from all sides.

Al Jazeera shared their complaints:

Among the measures against Russia is a plan to block selected Russian banks from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, a Belgian company that processes transactions for more than 11,000 financial institutions across the globe.

The move could have a crippling effect on the Russian economy by severely restricting business dealings with the outside world.

On Monday, the Russian rouble plunged to a record low of less than one US cent, losing more than 30 percent in value since the anti-Moscow steps where taken.

“The war itself will have a dramatic effect on the Russian and world economy. First, it is the loss of human life, both of military personnel and civilians – a long-lasting psychological impact. Although Russia has accumulated huge gold reserves, which would have let it survive previous sanctions for quite some time, now it will be used for the war machine,” said Inna Pomorina from Bath Spa University, who has signed an open letter by Russian economists condemning the war.

“Banning Russia from SWIFT as part of sanctions will be a major blow to Russian banks, as completing financial transactions will no longer be as simple for Russian businesses and for the Russian government,” she told Al Jazeera.

“Of course, sanctions will hurt ordinary people as well – they won’t be able to travel, prices will rise due to high inflation, many will lose their jobs, and international companies will stop operating in Russia.”

Countries are currently riding the line between aiding Ukrainians while trying to avoid a world war. I hate to say it, and you may not agree, but Russians need to handle their issues and overthrow their deranged leader.

The Russian people have been valiant in their efforts to protest Putin’s war crimes. Especially under the threat that they will face charges of treason, but it’s not enough. Their elected leaders need to get off of their hands and seize control from Putin—One way or another. Hopefully, before the rest of the world has to steps in and do it for them.




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