Rogan O’Handley (DC Draino) Clashes with Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy in Heated X Debate

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Prominent patriot lawyer Rogan O’Handley (DC_Draino) and GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy engaged in a heated exchange on X/Twitter which was prompted by DC_Draino’s public criticism of Ramaswamy regarding his controversial background and inconsistencies related to certain key issues.

DC_Draino questioned Ramaswamy’s credibility, raising the issue of allegations made against him earlier in his career.

In an X post, DC_Draino posted: “Yeah I mean sure he:

  1. was affiliated with the WEF;
  2. took money from the Soros family;
  3. got rich in Big Pharma;
  4. does massive deals with Pfizer;
  5. pushed for masks, testing, and vaccines;
  6. thinks Mike Pence did the right thing on J6;
  7. thinks Trump is a liar about election fraud similar to Stacey Abrams;
  8. never voted most of his adult life;
  9. wants to re-enter TPP;
  10. wants uncapped immigration (if they’re educated);
  11. changes his positions weekly when called out.

In response to DC_Draino’s allegations on Twitter, Ramaswamy swiftly rejected the claims with a firm rebuttal.

He emphatically denied any involvement with the World Economic Forum (WEF), which had been stated by DC_Draino, and termed it a “pathetic lie.”

“Don’t disrespect your followers by lying to them like the MSM. The fact that you’re still sitting here saying I was ever “affiliated with WEF” is a pathetic lie. I’m the only guy who sued them & won, while others traveled to Davos,’” said Ramaswamy.

“I was the only candidate on stage with the stones to call on Ronna to resign, while others deflect. I won a generic scholarship, not massive George Soros loans/fundraisers like multiple other GOP candidates. I’ve never supported the government favoritism showered on Pfizer. If you have pent-up frustrations at others, then see a therapist but don’t dump it on me – because your shtick is getting old,” he added.

In a swift response to Vivek Ramaswamy’s rebuttal, DC_Draino continued to challenge the GOP presidential candidate’s claims with a follow-up tweet. DC_Draino addressed each of Ramaswamy’s points separately, attempting to refute his defense and sustain the pressure.

“1. You were listed on the WEF website and only sued to get off their website once you started campaigning. Thank you for confirming my original claim.”

“2. Thank you for confirming you took money from the Soros family.”

“3. I didn’t bring up Ronna, but I do appreciate you working with Benny to come up with that line of attack during the debate. If it weren’t for Benny’s debate prep, do you think you would’ve even mentioned it?”

“4. Your company Roivant entered into a massive licensing deal with Pfizer in December of 2022 while you were Chairman of the Board (you resigned in 2023). I noticed you didn’t deny this and cut our interview short on Candace’s podcast when I brought it up.”

“I also noticed you didn’t deny or even attempt to address issues 5 through 11, but that’s ok I know you’re a busy guy pretending to be America First while you try to drag us back into Obama’s TPP and flood our country with uncapped immigration (as long as they have college degrees of course).” DC_Draino responded.

In a separate tweet, DC_Draino wrote, “People are asking for receipts so here’s a big 1 from Vivek’s book “Nation of Victims” He may pretend to be a Trump fan now, but he wasn’t when he wrote this book He says the 2020 election was *not* stolen & Pence did the right thing on J6 No more Judas Pence types please.”




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