Riley Gaines Slams Adidas Trans Swimsuit Model: ‘Swimsuits Aren’t Accessorized With A Bulge’

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It seems like more and more companies are jumping on the “woke” bandwagon and it’s really starting to get annoying.

The latest example of this is Adidas, who recently used male models to promote its new line of women’s swimsuits. Swimming champion Riley Gaines was quick to point out the ridiculousness of this move, tweeting, “Women’s swimsuits aren’t accessorized with a bulge.”

Adidas is just one of many brands who have chosen to prioritize “wokeness” over their customer base and bottom line. From Anheuser-Busch to Maybelline, Target, and Nike, it seems like companies are more concerned with being “woke” than providing customers with quality products.

Gaines wasn’t alone in pointing out the sheer disregard for women in this new trend. GOP Rep Nancy Mace mocked the woke company saying, “I’m old enough to remember when women actually modeled women’s bathing suits, not men.”

What’s particularly concerning is that this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Companies are increasingly using male models to promote their women’s clothing lines.

What’s even more troubling is that they’re doing this without any regard for the potential consequences. Not only is this move disrespectful to female customers, but it is also incredibly tone-deaf in the current climate.

The reality is that women’s clothing should be modeled by women. It’s not just about providing customers with an accurate representation of what they’re buying, but it’s also about sending a message that women’s bodies are valuable and worthy of respect.

It’s time for companies to stop using male models to promote their women’s clothing lines. Women’s bodies should be celebrated, not used as an accessory to push a woke agenda.

We need more companies to focus on providing quality products and services, not just trying to be “woke” at any cost.

If companies really want to make a statement, they should be focusing on representing women in a positive light, not erasing them.




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