REVIEW: COVID-19 Vaccines May Lead To Prion-Linked Brain Degeneration

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A new review of possible unintended consequences of COVID-19 vaccines suggests that the controversial mRNA vaccines – Moderna and Pfizer – may lead to unexpected neurological conditions similar to Mad Cow Disease.

The review by Stephanie Seneff, who works at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT, and Dr. Nigh, who specializes in Naturopathic Oncologogy at Immerson Health in Portland, Oregon, was released this week in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research, and devotes considerable space to discussing the research of Dr. J. Bart Classen, who first published a research paper on the possibility of prion-linked brain degeneration caused by the COVID-19 vaccine last month, and expands on his research.

The researchers explain that “researchers have identified a signature motif linked to susceptibility to misfolding into toxic oligomers, called the glycine zipper motif. It is characterized by a pattern of two glycine residues spaced by three intervening amino acids, represented as GxxxG. The bovine prion linked to MADCOW has a spectacular sequence of ten GxxxGs in a row,” and notes that “the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is a transmembrane protein, and that it contains five GxxxG motifs in its sequence” and, thus, “it becomes extremely plausible that it could behave as a prion”.

“Recall that the mRNA vaccines are designed with an altered sequence that replaces two adjacent amino acids in the fusion domain with a pair of prolines,” the authors continue. “This is done intentionally in order to force the protein to remain in its open state and make it harder for it to fuse with the membrane. This seems to us like a dangerous step towards misfolding potentially leading to prion disease.”

Prions were first described as the method by which Mad Cow Disease causes brain degeneration due to misfolding proteins in the body.

The CDC notes that “prion diseases are usually rapidly progressive and always fatal.” Mad Cow Disease “progressively attacks the brain but can remain dormant for decades,” per the BBC.

“Pfizer claims the RNA fragments ‘likely… will not result in expressed proteins’ due to their assumed rapid degradation in the cell,” the researchers note.

They add, “While we are not asserting that non-spike proteins generated from fragmented RNA would be misfolded or otherwise pathological, we believe they would at least contribute to cellular stress that promotes prion-associated conformational changes in the spike protein that is present.”

When Classen previously published his research, fact checkers were quick to point to public statements from Pfizer that dismissed concerns of brain prions as a result of their vaccine. It may be worth noting that “the most expensive settlement that Pfizer has paid was over $2.3 billion paid as a fine to resolve civil and criminal penalties for illegal marketing of four medications including Bextra, Geodon, Zyvox, and Lyrics.”

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Buyden is the biggest spreader of COVID in America through the southern border. He is demanding that Americans participate in a medical experiment. He has no problem breaking the Nuremberg Code. This puts him on the top of the list with the likes of Hitler and Stalin of the most evil men in history.

Byron W. Lambert

Then by all means indite Trump as well! He pushed for the Warp Speed initiative and it was under his admin that these vaccines were developed. You all must realize, we are the hapless victims of all the ruling class, no matter what party they hail from! Hey, this pandering to hyper paranoia is quite fun; it only requires setting aside most of your cerebral neurons and giddily following the latest conspiracy tropes. By the way, I and my wife received the Pfizer vaccines, without serious side effects. Guess we are just immensely lucky, huh?

Jeffery S Hendricks

This study has already been debunked.

Thomas Cordell

Your source is what?

Retha Seter

We all know that science is now for sale. Just like corrupt politicians, scientists can “prove” or “disprove” anything depending on the size of the check.

janice Kay sexton

People believe any thing

Sandra Lee Smith

But THIS is “less a risk” than a virus for which there ar inexpensive & effective prophylactics, & treatments, & a better than 94% overall survival rate??? Forgive me, but I’m not seeing that!

fay rolfe

I am a nurse and I will not be getting a vaccination.This vaccine does not prevent you from catching covid and doesn’t prevent spread. So just what is the point of having it? To prevent hospitalization. Well the risk is greater than the benefits. Always vaccines prevented the disease and therefore prevented transmission to others. That is the benefit of vaccination but not this one. I believe we won’t know the long term effects of this hurry up vaccine for 1 to 20 years from now. The suggestion of infertility of young women, birth defects, neuro muscular diseases like the devastating horrific ALS, alzheimers or ion brain illness is too much risk for the small benefits of no hospitalization for an illness over 99% non fatal. That is crazy! Already there are thousands of vaccinated folks who developed blood clots resulting in strokes making them human vegetables. Do the benefits outweigh that? Not for me.

r. heff

SOOOO Much info everywhere If you care enough about your Body & Your Future, Don’t be a FOOL , WHY would you put Poison in your body, when the virus has a 99% recovery rate. DUH . Yet people are waiting in line to KILL themselves. You just can’t FIX STUPID !!

Dick Simmons

Thank you Ron White ;-}

janice Kay sexton

Really and you feel getting covid leaves you healthy..NOT leaves you with health problems…I am not stupid and you are rude…stop spreading your bull crap..our communities are returning to normal thanks to all of us getting vaccinated…the polio vaccine saved millions. People like you back in the day said the same about the polio vaccine


Excellent post and precisely the type of information the “medical authorities” should be/have been providing the general populace. Instead, they scare the bejesus out of everyone and push ineffective measures, masks, social distancing, washing hands/surfaces, etc. They should have been giving advice on how strengthen one’s immune system through dietary supplements and good diet. Additionally, they should been advising physicians to begin treatment of suspected COVID patients as soon as symptoms present instead of telling people to take a Tylenol and stay indoors. Patients were not admitted to the hospital until they were practically on death’s door. There are a couple of excellent repurposed therapeutics that have been used for decades with minimal detrimental side affects, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), malaria treatment, and ivermectine,.used to treat parasites in pets. HCQ was endlessly demonized by medical authorities, CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH and MSM TV channels because President Trump expressed the belief that it could be beneficial as a treeatment. Both are very cheap and thus were ignored by medical and BIG PHARMA communities in fafor of the development of so-called vaccines which were subsidized by the government money to the tune of many billions of dollars.


I totally agree with your assessment of the covid vaccine. I will not take it.

Gilbert Levy

What hospital employs you?? If it is one in my neighborhood, I would like to informed.

janice Kay sexton

Hope you are not working in a hospital …the vaccine is helping us all get back to a normal life…Covid cases are dropping..if you get covid it will leave you with health problems…by getting the vaccine we are all doing our part …when I was a child polio was killing and crippling children there was no vaccine…I feel God works threw our doctors and scientist …angels come in all forms …..I got the vaccine and hopefully people like you stop spreading your bull crap

Martin Livitz

There is now definitive evidence of Mad Cow Disease from the COVID19 vaccine with the prime example of the illegal democrat president Joe Biden.

Biden’s brain is now 99% gone and with the MAD COW farting, he is causing global warming on a scale of 89%.

janice Kay sexton

LOL LOL and you believe this …lol lol


Look if this vaccine was safe they would put a price on it..instead they are close to forcing this stuff down your thanks..after seeing our government sending 18 year old kids with a shitty M-16 to die fighting for oil wells and to kill terroists that they can’t seem to find after maybe 20 years…of invading two different countries ..I would just as soon trust a bank robber to guard my savings account..I mean really…a corrupt government that installs a brain dead president ?? My god..use your heads people

Dick Simmons

Lefty’s already have this!

Gilbert Levy

Why isn’t this ORANGUTANG ( Waters) in a mental institution or the San Diego Zoo with the rest of her relatives. gorillas,monkeys and chimpanzees.

janice Kay sexton

2014:In 2014–2016 Seneff was proposed as an expert witness for litigators seeking damages from Pfizer associated with their cholesterol drug Lipitor, but the court dismissed the claim largely because Seneff lacked expert status and failed to provide credible evidence linking Lipitor to any specific harm. SHE IS A NUT…RESEARCH HER

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