Reporter Collapses During Live White House Press Briefing (VIDEO)

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During a live press briefing, a young intern reporter for a national broadcast news network collapsed, leading to a temporary halt in the proceedings as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre quickly approached to attend to the distressed individual, according to Fox News.

“Hold on, did somebody pass out?” Jean-Pierre asked.

The White House medical staff quickly moved to provide aid.

After a brief interruption, Jean-Pierre returned to the podium while medical professionals attended to the collapsed intern.

“Sorry about that. Hopefully, she’s okay.”

A fellow reporter commented on the heat within the room, prompting Jean-Pierre to acknowledge, “You are correct. It is hot in here.”

NewsNation White House corresponded, “During today’s White House press briefing [Press Sec] stopped the briefing when a woman fainted in the back of the room. KJP immediately went to the back and got her water. A medical team came in. The woman is ok she got lightheaded I’m told and the briefing room is warm today.”


I wonder why we are seeing so many cases of people randomly passing out recently… “cough* cough*

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