Report Shows How ‘Woke’ Ivey-League School Really Treats Minorities

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Following the White House’s race-driven lead to select candidates by race and not credentials, Harvard has taken a massive dump on the smallest minority in the United States. By offering a placement for students of color to create a ‘diverse’ University they’ve single-handedly destroyed the hopes and dreams of hard-working Asian families.


“In the case of Harvard, race is not simply used as a tiebreaker in admissions. A 2013 internal Harvard study revealed by the lawsuit showed that had Harvard only considered academics, Asians would make up 43% of Harvard’s student body. Adding legacy, athlete recruitment, “extracurriculars,” and a “personal” score lowered Asians to 26%. Finally, in the years the internal Harvard study looked at, Asians actually made up only 19% of the student body.

Harvard’s discrimination is discrimination via character assassination. For Harvard to suppress the vast quantity of qualified Asians (who make up 50% of the top SAT scores in the nation) from its admissions books, it questions their character and minimizes their accomplishments.

Harvard’s admissions officers conveniently rate Asian Americans lowest in the “personal score,” having never met them, while similarly academically qualified black, Hispanic, and white students respectively score first, second, and third. What is the evidence Asians deserve this sort of treatment in the personality measurement?

The objective evidence points to none. Asian Americans get the highest alumni interview scores, the highest teacher recommendation scores, and the second-highest counselor scores out of all the racial groups. There is simply no objective basis for Harvard’s attack on Asian American “personalities.”

You may be interested to learn that Harvers personality assessment was reportedly originally designed to limit the admittance of Jews. I find it kind of odd that they would be using it today.

This is also another example of how this forced diversity destroys real equality where a person is judged by their character and achievements—not by the color of their skin.




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