Report: Man Who Plowed Through Christmas Parade Had Extreme Views On Social Media

Police have identified the suspect of the Christmas parade massacre in Wisconsin as Darrell Brooks Jr. Reports from multiple sources show that Brooks shred extreme-left views. While many speculate that Brooks drove the SUV through the parade as a result of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict but police have not released a motive as of yet.

Brooks was charged with five counts of murder Monday as Wisconsin officials and others attempted to come to terms with their singular calamity.

Officials say that Brooks, a 39-year-old career criminal, had been involved in a knife fight in Waukesha Sunday afternoon; that he bolted when police arrived before whipping his SUV through the parade route. Five marchers died, and scores were injured — several critically., a fact-finding website, along with various journalists online, highlighted posts that the suspect had on social media accounts allegedly belonging to him. Those posts appeared to express anti-Christian sentiment, disdain for Republican politicians and conservative media, and “black nationalist rhetoric.”

Heavy also shared images reportedly from the suspect’s Twitter account where he shared anti-Trump rhetoric.

On Twitter, the accused name was MathBoiFLy but the account has been taken down. Possibly as police work to find a motive behind the attack. One user shared a video that is reportedly Brooks Jr. I say reportedly because I can’t confirm but it does certainly look to be the same person. In the video, the man seems to be admitting to sex trafficking and sleeping with a minor.

Watch (Warning: Strong language)

Brooks’ social media accounts and online court records show that he is an aspiring rap singer with a lengthy criminal history and two open felony cases in which he was released on $500 and $1,000 bail, the latter just days before the parade deaths.

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Before Thompson’s press conference officially identifying Brooks, NBC News reported that five law enforcement sources told the outlet Brooks was “the individual in custody as a person of interest and is being questioned by law enforcement in connection with the vehicle incident in Waukesha.” When Brooks was detained, police found a Ford key on him, according to scanner audio obtained by Heavy.

New York Post brought up a really good point: What if police had shot Brooks Jr? Would he be memorialized? Would there be riots?

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Old wolf

Looks like it was another democrat goon working for the them . Guess pay back is a bitch . While riddenhouse trial was going on and the delusional democrats were crying he was guilty , 2 other blacks were given not guilty for killing people they hated like this black dude did . So are they then black supremacists ??? I mean if whites are white supremacists when killing , then so are blacks or does that only matter when there Republicans ??? But not far left terrorists like the delusional democrats ???

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Lib media trying to make this mass murderer look like a victim!


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Ron C

No doubt in my mind Joy Ried will bring race to the report…But she will excuse this murder by call whitey the racist…just as sure as the sun raises in the east!

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