Rep McCaul Goes On National TV and Crushes Team Biden’s Border Crisis Management

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Texas Rep Michael McCaul blasted Democrats for the border crisis we have faced as it promises only to get worse. During a segment on Fox, McCaul said that it’s “probably the biggest human trafficking event of our lifetime,” adding that Dems “own this” mess.

“You have almost, I don’t know, estimates of two to three million that have come in under this administration. With Title 42, that will be suspended in May, they are projecting 500,000 illegals coming in five weeks. You were a federal prosecutor, I was too, you can not sustain this,” McCaul told “Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy.

“[W]e have seized enough to kill the entire population at the border seven times over with fentanyl,” the Republican said, adding, “This is probably the biggest human trafficking event of our lifetime, and it didn’t have to happen. That is the saddest thing about the whole situation.”

He told Gowdy, “I’m in a border state, we have to absorb all this, but I would argue every state is a border state, they are not just staying in Texas, they are moving on to other states. And every state in the country is going to have to deal with this problem.”

The show host noted how Democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress, so they don’t need legislative help they need help deflecting blame for this crisis, or they will pay politically, come this November.

With President Biden and Vice President Harris’s approval ratings falling to record lows, and record-high inflation, election analysts have predicted the midterm elections will be a “bloodbath” for Democrats.

“They rescinded the [Trump administration] policies from day one. They own this. In terms of the midterm elections they do own it, they can fix it, but they don’t want to,” McCaul said.


With Biden receding Title 42, he’s removing the last stitch of Trump policy that slowed the flow of illegals. All the while, reports show a massive hoard headed to the southern border—Coincidence? Hell no.




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