Rep. Jackie Speier Suggests Labeling Republicans Terrorists

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said in a Monday tweet that Republicans should be called terrorists. That’s a laugh coming from the party of antifa and BLM. The Democrats praised the riots in major liberal cities across America. Now, they are claiming a three-hour riot in Washington in which no one was pulled out of their car and beaten, no looting and no burning of businesses occurred, is worse than an entire year of leftist rioting.

Many claim the Democrats are woefully misinformed but that is too generous, the Democrats are just liars and propagandists. Speier was careful not to mention the Democratically approved riots by antifa and BLM. Minneapolis will never recover from the 1,500 businesses that were burned down by the leftist rioters. Portland went from being one of the most desired to live in to almost last in just one year.

The Democrats are hoping no one remembers the riots in NYC, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis but I will keep reminding them. Law enforcement officers have been blinded by laser pointers at Democratic riots but not in Washington. The differences between the Washington riot and the riots by Democrats coast to coast are stark. BLM alone is responsible for $2 billion in insurance claims, but even with insurance many of these businesses will never reopen.

From The Daily Wire

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“Agree. Nothing ‘good’ about my former party now. Those decent folks who remain in it should exit,” said one Twitter user.

“The Republican Party has shown that they support the overthrow of our ‘America’s Democracy’ and is now part of Trump’s new party ‘The Insurrectionists Party,’” said another user.

“Absolutely. I’ve been calling them terrorists for weeks. Unrepentant terrorists, actually. They are the American Taliban and they need to be stopped,” tweeted another.

Some Democrats have been broadly painting Trump supporters as extremists since the Capitol riot. Singer Nancy Sinatra, for instance, recently told The Guardian she will “never forgive” Trump voters.

Model Chrissy Teigen, the wife of musician John Legend said:

“Today our great national f***up is over, but the shame will last forever,” she declared. “With 2 impeachments, the creation of 3 million LESS jobs, 403,000 dead, a record low approval rating and God knows how many crimes, we can officially say Donald J Trump is the greatest at being the f***ing worst.”

“Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to have the guy with barely enough well-done steak with ketchup fueled brainpower to power a lightbulb who doesn’t even know how to close an umbrella run the country. History will not be kind to you, you absolute psychopath. But I never was anyhow.”

But, yet she supported a candidate suffering from dementia.

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penny oneal


Sonia Maria Green

And, this is the party that claims “unity” is a priority!

Craig Mahan

@Jackie Speier
Are you that stupid or are you so “deep state” your beginning to believe your own lies?? As for the wannabe celebrities (John’s wife, Sinatra, and well all of HOLLYWOOD!) You’re either an idiot or like most I presume you are a pedo-wood.. I am going to be smiling here shortly when that stupid self righteous, gender neutral, skinny Jean, manscaping smirk gets slapped off your face. Oh sorry, too real?? TOUGH SHITE BEOTCHES! GET YOUR BALLS BACK WOULD YOU.

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