Rep. Adam Schiff Robbed in San Francisco, Attends Campaign Dinner With No Suit

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Rep. Adam Schiff, a candidate for the California Senate, had a rough arrival in San Francisco on Thursday. Just hours before a fancy campaign dinner, he fell victim to a carjacking incident.

Thieves broke into his car parked at a downtown garage and made off with his bags.

Despite being left without his business attire, Schiff showed up at the event in shirt sleeves and a hiking vest, standing out among others who were dressed in suits.

At the dinner, Schiff thanked attorney Joe Cotchett for supporting Schiff’s bid to replace the late Dianne Feinstein and represent California in the U.S. Senate.

“I guess it’s ‘Welcome to San Francisco,’” joked Cotchett’s press agent Lee Houskeeper, who was at the dinner at Ristorante Rocca, located in Burlingame.

As Reported, Schiff seemed unaffected by the theft.

“Yes, they took my bags,” the California representative said, per the Chronicle. “But I’m here to thank Joe.”

The theft occurred shortly after an attack on San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan’s security guard in downtown San Jose earlier this week, as reported by KRON4, a local Bay Area news source.

Mayor Mahan, in the area for a restaurant opening, was engaged in an interview with the station when the dramatic events began to transpire.

As Mahan spoke, a pedestrian can be seen in the video walking past him while engrossed in his phone.

The pedestrian then diverted towards the mayor’s security officer, sparking a verbal exchange between the two individuals. Mahan attempted to intervene, informing the pedestrian that he was currently engaged in an interview.

The tension escalated as the pedestrian questioned the mayor’s activities and proceeded to verbally berate the security officer, who also doubled as a member of the San Jose police force.

Disregarding warnings from both Mahan and his security detail, the pedestrian continued with his aggressive behavior, asserting that he would proceed with his actions regardless of their presence.

Moments later, physical contact ensued as the pedestrian lunged forward and landed a forceful punch on the security officer.

The altercation intensified as blows were exchanged between the pedestrian and the security officer, with bystanders eventually stepping in to assist in subduing the assailant.

San Jose police officers swiftly arrived on scene and apprehended the suspect responsible for the violent outburst.


Meanwhile, Mayor Mahan’s security officer sustained injuries during the scuffle and was promptly transported to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation.




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