Reign of Terror In OR As BLM Pulls AR-15’s On Motorists

The entire Biden administration believes their own lies that conservatives are violent and antifa and BLM are mostly peaceful. BLM now openly pulls guns on people in Portland because their mayor is dedicated to an array of domestics terrorists.

The latest outrage being visited upon the city is BLM whipping out their AR-15s and AK-47s on hapless motorists.

No cops are in sight and likely they will never be as city hall is hostile towards the police and no one wants to go to prison for doing their jobs.

In these shocking videos, you can see the domestic terrorists have gotten bolder after the police have been forced to stand down for over a year.

Pulling these guns out openly in the streets is frightening for the motorists especially with the knowledge that nothing will happen to their attackers and they are completely on their own. If this had happened twenty years ago, this would not be dismissed as necessary violence.

The city of Portland saw rioting for over 120 consecutive days and had their police who were standing down assaulted by domestic terror groups. It is hard to understand why it is not a ghost town. It’s not safe to hop into your car and head home.

How long before people start arming themselves? One way or another that would end in tragedy no matter who wins, everyone will be the losers.

From The Gateway Pundit

The incidents were caught on video. In these shocking videos you can clearly see multiple terrorists surrounding the vehicles, yelling and shouting obscenities and threats at the drivers. Though the videos are shaky, you can clearly see multiple guns being leveled and drawn, as the terrorists order drivers to stop.

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One minivan’s tires were flattened, had its back window busted out, and at least one mirror broken. Another guy was in a big pickup truck, and he was apparently drawing his own gun. In an incident that was similar to the Marquise Love headpunt altercation from last fall, he later decided to get out of his truck, where he was assaulted, tackled to the ground, and the terrorists stole his gun while holding him on the ground, ironically calling for the police.

You can hear all sorts of shouting, rifles and pistols being charged, cocked, and racked, glass shattering, and other alarming content. The protesters claim that the drivers tried to run them over, though you can’t see that in the videos.



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Desert Dweller

Shoot the bastards down….the only thing that will stop this bullshyt..oh and hang soros the one paying them!!!


I bet conservatives lose their guns in a month. This democrat mob doesn’t fool around. They are determined to destroy the Republic and all the conservatives,loyal American citizens in it no matter what it takes. The next knock on your door will be from the CIA with a warrant for possession and armed to carry it out. .


the “republic” was destroyed in 1865. wise up. don’t believe the communist (yankee) version of history


Put your tin-foil racist, Good Ole Boys, CSA, Lost Cause hat back on. The Party, People , and government of SLAVERY and oppression started the Civil War over the issue to keep slaves.

You don’t know what a Republic is let alone believed in one. You’re a far alt-right hater of the Constitution. You’re not an American Patriot nor a person of faith.

Unless you repent of your racism and turn to Christ your fate will be grim.


Wrong. Slavery was NOT the reason for the Civil War. Stop lieing. Oh, and I am a “Yankee” More self hating WHITE Liberals as you, are destroying the country.

Wade Strickland

people don’t know why the civil war was started, U are wright it wasn’t because to feel the Blacks, they don’t know history


You tell them proud white. Dumb asses talking about history when they are not educated enough to know the facts.


Another interesting fact about liberalism. The smart and fact based people in this country realize that liberalism is a mental illness.


Your WILLFUL LIBERAL IGNORANCE is showing. First off it was the Democraps who started the KKK and is behind every HATE FILLED actions in America. The Civil War was about State’s rights over Federal Government rights. Lincoln ended Slavery to shorten the War. Without Slave the south had to send people back home to grow food for their soldiers. So you need to learn the TRUTH about your Nation’s history.


Fuck You commie asshole


We know where you live, kid.

Wade Strickland

That comment isn’t needed, we all can tell the true without threats because it goes both way’s, that’s why this County is at each other troths.


Christ has told me the I am not a racist but insisted that people like you are incapable of knowing fact from fiction.


They will get the bullets first.


CIA doesnt do warrants, it’s not a law enforcement agency

Last edited 4 months ago by Robert

Good job knowing the facts. Funny how the ones who claim they know the most often know the least.


The problem with your theory is that probably half of all weapons in this country can not be traced back to original owner. Which means there is no good record as to we’re the are. Good luck trying to round them all up!!

Laurel F Durkee



I’m with you all the way however they will be coming after your guns sooner than you think.

ACT Cowboy

Come on down to Texas and try that S#!T. AND… don’t forget to bring someone along to hold your beer.


That  S#!T is being done by the Feds. They allow illegals in to take over.

Last edited 4 months ago by CharlieSeattle
Shirley Storey

Same here in SC


Love your post. I live in the mountains where tenn,Virginia and NC touch each other. There are still people with names like Hatfields and McCoys. We all own from the simple 100 yd shooting to 1 mile shooting devices. There are no enough law enforcement persons to pull it off.


This is bullshit. These bastards act like he was in the wrong. Send the damned military in and take them all down. Come to small town Ohio and this shit would have a different ending.

Gideon Rockwell

Won’t happen as long as the Sock Puppet in Chief is in the Oval Office, In the end it will most likely fall to We the People to deal with these rogue animals. Which is exactly what they are. The only thing that could possibly qualify them as human is they just happen to walk upright.

aleksandar aleksandrov

people deserve the rulers they elect. I have absolutely no compassion left for the sheep. When the shooting starts there will be an enormous amount of hatred dumped on either side. The entire level of government servants will be wiped out for creating the conditions of rebellion. They will be blamed for everything bad in this world. But they brought it on themselves.


I blame not the evil one for his actions, I blame the coward that will not stop him. grow a pair, wise up

Andrew Currie

Why would anyone who values their own life and freedom remain in or go anywhere near Oregon?


Patriots lived there long before BLM and ANTIFA was around!


Am a 71 year old multi-tour Vietnam vet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I would have emptied my weapon into the TERRORIST scumbags !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your oath does not expire.



Dude, love your post. When you get our age you welcome the idea of having three meals a day, full medical, dental and room and board. Well worth a few rounds and less punk asses


The Democrat BLM/Antifa Enforcers are now armed. It was only a matter of time till the Democrats gave their Enforcers permission to shoot citizens in the streets. Since legal, local, law enforcement has been defunded, demoralized and destroyed who better to be appointed by the Democrats to patrol our streets and Enforce the socialist law. They, BLM/Antifa have been in training in Portland for a year and are ready for an armband and a badge to declare them a legal arm of the democrats. Looting, burning and destroying is their method of operation. “Burn It Down is their mantra.


The ONLY way to stop this BS is to SHOOT BACK!!!


the only way to restore the republic is to shoot (the communist) first


it is kind of beyond stoopid to get out of your vehicle and wave a handgun amid a mob armed with assault rifles. come out firing or put it in 4wd and hit the gas.

Grin n barrett

THIS is what happen when you allow spoiled children to be in charge. Defund police and this is what you get. Don’t stop idiots from taking charge, this is what you get. If the adults don’t take over, bring in the troops and end the nonsense, there will be copious amounts of blood in the streets.


Wow, I’m surprised libtards like BLM even know how to load the weapon.
Bring on the proud boys and Patriots and let’s go and fight these guys.


come try this down South. we bes w8tin


This is the Democrat sanctioned Violent Terrorists having a free for all war

Andrew Currie

After listening to 30 seconds of the video I can now understand why the Oregon State Board of Education has decided teaching math by requiring a student to show his work is unnecessary. The Board knows it has to focus on teaching English, because it’s citizens are morons who cannot even put together coherent sentences to express any thoughts one of them might have! Oregon is a state of pathetic losers. It deserves all the bad publicity it is currently garnering.


More incidents like the ones we just witnessed, and the civil war may be in the future

  1. We ALL need to VIGILANTE these black LIES matter and their COWARD antifa.ALL these PUNKS need a “Reality Check”..and soon. Going to be BLOOD in the streets. AMERICANS ARE GOING TO “FIGHT BACK”. These Liberal Mayors, and that Dimentia Pedo Biden need to do something..and do it soon. Summer is coming and people are wayyy past “fed up” with these low life breeders.
Mark Gravitte

You do that shit here, you’re going to die! Spineless bastards.




PRESIDENT BRAIN DEAD Joe , Can’t Do a Thing Unless FLIP A COIN HARRIS Tells Him.And She Can’t Tell him Till She FLIPS her Coin.


I’ve been to war, most of you have not and don’t want to kill someone but don’t think for a minute I won’t protect my family, friends, and what’s mine, because you really don’t want to turn that monster loose again.


Time to forget the rubber bullets! These idiots want a much more drastic encounter.


Well …. let’s just say I wouldn’t ‘try’ to run them over.


This is why America needs to build a wall that closes the entire Left Coast off from the rest of America. That or to keep North Korea happy and not shooting Nukes everywhere we allow them to Nuke the San Andreas fault line and drop the entire left coast in the the Pacific to NEVER bother anyone again. That would be the best thing for everyone. That last part more than the first part.


Americans who love this Nation have nothing to worry about if a war did break out given that FACT that most of those on the left are either afraid of guns to the point they would faint if they had to use one or they are in the other group which burns through a full clip without ever hitting their target. So were a War to break out the Left would be in bad shape from the start.

Mark Gravitte

You sum-bitches try that out here in rural America and you’ll die. I don’t guess their mommies paid enough attention to them when they were little brats. Better get some Kevlar for those heads punks.

Mike dar

Well…. I guess some firefights will breakout… just guessing, but I think there are lot more of us than them and they will lose.. LETS FIND OUT!!!!!

alicia regina cervera

Do something INCOMPETENT jo! This is ourr country, YOR country were talking about here.! Yes, this might trigger another CIVIL WAR! and A few heads in the government must roll for incompetence and BETRAYAL!


” The Tree of Liberty must be Refreshed from Time to Time with the Blood of Patriots and TYRANTS ” … Thomas Jefferson.


Just take them out. We do not need them and they are just evil.


If you point a weapon make sure that you have enough guts to use it he should’ve leveled that rifle carrier all those out there sons of bitches would’ve ran like crying little kids to mommy


To quote Captain John Parker, Lexington Militia, “don’t fire unless fired upon!”. 19 April 1775

It is important that the Citizens do not fire the first shot. Let BLM/Antifa initiate, then clean them out.


BLM/Antifa now armed and ready to be sworn in as the new Enforcers for the Democrat Marxists. As soon as the Defunding, Denigrating and Destruction of law enforcement is complete BLM/Antifa will be presented with their arm bands and badges and be designated a legal mob of Enforcers to curb any ambitions to fight back by the American citizens. Biden will be set aside and Kamala will begin her reign of terror on the Republic. For a year BLM/Antifa have been in training, looting, burning and destroying Portland and other north western cities. They have become so good at it Burning, looting and shooting will now an excepted war tactic against civilian resistance. Don’t say you weren’t warned..


“PULLING A GUN,,,AND USING A GUN” is 2 different things,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I AM PREPARED TO USE MY gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shirley Storey

Well, BLM gives money to the Democrats which big business give them. Look at the lists of who donated to them and boycott. They are terrorists, but won’t be prosecuted because they are a source of income to our corrupt government. Soros gives money to Antifa. None of them are prosecuted, but if they kill you it’s okay. However, if you kill them you will be prosecuted.


START. … “L( + ) ( + )ing for you COWARD antifa AND you Ghetto black LIES matter. People WILL “Arm”, and you won’t want to try this Socialist/Marxist garbage outside your Democrat SCUM areas. A lot of you won’t be happy.


The media barely covers the many crimes Antifa and BLM are committing. They cops are standing down allowing it to happen. When they are arrested they are immediately let out of jail. If I lived close to Portland, I would sue our Governor and the Mayor of Portland they are both violating the oaths they took to protect the citizens. Our nut job too worried about her emergency powers and controlling the business keeping them shut down and her stupid mask policy. She has done a lot of sneaky things in Oregon passing things under the emergency act the voters said no too when it was put on the ballot.




I invite these animals to my neck of the woods. Wouldn’t end well for these punk asses.

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