Rashida Tlaib Found Guilty!

I bet you did not hear about this when it broke a few months ago …

Minnesota Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a member of the much ballyhooed “Squad” led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been found guilty of misusing campaign funds.

On Friday the Democrat controlled US House Ethics Committee found that Tlaib violated federal law by using campaign funds for personal purposes, The Daily Mail reported.

But the committee did not admonish the first term lawmaker and ‘squad’ member, noting that it is within existing rules for a candidate to draw a salary from their campaign under certain conditions.

It found a ‘portion’ of the salary she took after her 2018 election win were ‘inconsistent’ with the requirements of federal elections law.  But it said her errors were of ‘bad timing and not ill intent,’ and that she had made ‘good faith’ efforts to comply with the law’s requirements.

An appendix included with the finding shows Tlaib’s correspondence with her staff as well as a lawyer to determine the propriety of taking a salary, amid apparently urgent needs after she left her job with a public interest law firm to campaign full-time.

“While the Committee recognizes that the campaign environment can at times lend itself to hurried decision-making, as a Member-Elect of Congress, Representative Tlaib had a greater duty to ensure that any funding she received from her Campaign after her general election was fully compliant with statutory requirements and fully transparent with the public,” the Committee said in its report.

“Based on its review, the Committee determined that Representative Tlaib did not comply with the letter of the relevant laws and regulations governing her receipt of salary payments from her Campaign,” it said.

“The Committee did not find evidence, however, that Representative Tlaib intended to unjustly enrich herself, and recognizes that she made efforts to ensure her compliance with the applicable requirements,” the report said.

“In light of this, the Committee determined that no sanction was merited, provided Representative Tlaib returns the funds that she improperly received to her Campaign in full within a year of the date of this Report, with the understanding that she can make smaller payments over the course of the year,” it said.

The committee said that it “unanimously voted to adopt this Report and take no further action,” against her.

And after Tlaib’s “satisfactory completion of the above steps, the Committee will consider this matter closed.”

One of the steps that she has to complete is to repay the $10,800 that she is accused of misusing for her personal needs.

The Minnesota representative was having a good week prior to this ruling after she handily defeated her primary challenger Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones.

Her spokesman, Denzel McCampbell, said that the issue has been resolved and that Rep. Tlaib had “made a good faith effort to comply with a complex regulation and no sanction or penalty is merited.”

“Rep. Tlaib hopes the Federal Election Commission will issue updated guidance and clarify a well-intended rule that gives candidates like (her) the opportunity to seek federal office,” the spokesman said.

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Tommy Tunez

And in the end – Nothing will happen to Rash-Ida Scab’leeb Bin Lyin’. Because she is a Demo-Crap.


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A dimocrapic dungbeetle, because they spew crap and then lap it up.


Hopefully, that witch will get Karma to visit her soon! Also al of her squad!


She’s from Michigan, not, Minnesota. Omar is from Minnesota. Nonetheless, they and their ilk need to be deported, as they rejoice over the Taliban take over.


They are all insane! All of htem…..no exception!


WHY ! Hasn’t this SWEAT HOG been put in Prison by Now . This piece of Gutter TRASH needs to be hung by a Rope.

Patrick Taylor

I agree totally

Isobel Roberts

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Last edited 5 months ago by Isobel Roberts

So it is okay for a candidate now serving in the Congress to take money from their campaign for personal use which is against campaign finance laws and which she violated the law and nothing is going to happen to her. She is still in Congress. Why even bother with laws when no one us held accountable for their actions. This is why our country will be destroyed from within.


Only if we keep sitting on our azz’s.


That is exactly correct. We are being destroyed from within. Democrats are the biggest threat to our nation!


They’re not going to do anything because! The demarats control it. But! Be dam if a republican did the same things. Her and the squad needs to be put in jail. Demarats are nothing but thieves. Basically! All politicians are liers and thieves.


Oh yeah, heaven forbid you you do not cover each others azz. Always an excuse for their criminal acts.

Harry O

MAGA What? They investigated her. They convicted her. In due course they’ll convict her? What more can the Dems do? Drink her blood?


That would be a start!


she was guilty,,but won´t have to pay back any of it only within a year,,,if that was a republican they would have arrested and put him in jail.

Harry O

If his name was Victor


If I did what she did.. I’d have to pay back the money.. be fined some huge amount and go to prison for 5 years or more.



Kevin Noa

She is in the top ten of Democrat women pukes.

Bruce G.

Slap that wrist!


It pays to be a Democrat!!

Harry O

So on and on it goes You people preach violence as a fix for all of it. How simple. execution and firing squads are all you talk about. How refreshing. Read on. Hang Mike Pense!


Line the gang against a wall and fill them full of holes.


Rashida Tlaib is a disgusting scum bag, noteworthy only as an example of how disgusting can be Arab terrorists.

Last edited 4 months ago by Ernst

This leads me to believe whether or not the same results would have been reached had the representative had been a Republican. WE THE PEOPLE must be vigilant of our government at all times.

Dexter L. Wilson

Ever heard of the word Taquiya? I may have misspelled it but it is a description of the RIGHT OF A MOSLEM TO LIE TO UNBELIEVERS IN ALAH. She and Ohmar have been lying and supporting principles they don’t even believe in to change America. They HATE AMERICANS!

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