Racist Democrat Congresswoman Blames ‘Zionists’ For 9/11 Attacks

Former Democratic Rep Cynthia McKinney is at it again. She is known for her wild conspiracy theories. SheMcKinney is an anti-Semite from birth I think.  now blames 9/11 on Zionists. That is ridiculous since all of the hijackers were Muslims.

The people in her district elected her six times, so they must not be too bright. When she did lose, she was beaten by Hank Johnson. Johnson is the one who was afraid that Guam would capsize.

McKinney lost in 2002. That was the year she punched a Capitol policeman for asking to see her ID pin. Like every Capitol police officers are supposed to recognize all 435 representatives.

That incident was the beginning of the end of her political career and she has spent most of her time since then on anti-Israeli propaganda.

McKinney posted a picture of a puzzle that showed the World Trade Centers on fire. The puzzle said, “Zionists did it.”

Some top responses to the anti-Semitic tweet included:

  • Jason Rantz, Seattle-based conservative radio host: “Former Democrat congresswoman from Georgia and Squad member emeritus. Current anti-Semite.”


  • Avi Mayer, Managing Director of Global Communications for AJC Global: “This individual, who is promoting an insane conspiracy theory alleging that Jews carried out 9/11, served six terms as a member of Congress. @Twitter , why is @CynthiaMcKinney still permitted to use this platform to spread hate-filled lies?”


  • Yair Rosenberg, Senior Writer of Tablet Magazine: “This person is no longer consequential, but the antisemitic bigotry she is reflecting still is. Notice how she doesn’t say “the Jews” did 9/11, she says “the Zionists” did it. This substitution is one of the most common ways antisemites today lazily try to launder their hate.”
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  • Harry Khachatrian, Daily Wire contributor: “I look forward to the follow-up tweet where she explains how blaming the Jews for 9/11 is merely an innocuous criticism of the Israeli government.”


  • Lahav Harkov, Editor at The Jerusalem Post: “I don’t need to solve a puzzle to know you’re a bigot.”


  • Logan Ratick, Newsmax correspondent: “Ringleader and hijacker Mohamed Atta is unavailable for comment because he flew a plane into the North tower. One of the reasons he did was because our country supports Israel. Mask off for this tinfoil hat-wearing former Congresswoman.”


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thinking at least thousands have been elected to public office due to having a negro vagina instead of an intellect .. for sure in the DC cesspool run by that senior drunken vagina, nance peslutsi

Steve Barrette

Crack head mentally unstable, co mie pig

Steve Barrette


Gerald S Ladd

LOL..friend of Hunters?

William Brennan

Tell the fat ugly black dog to stop barking. She ca also shove her racism up her big black ass


Yup, Hank Johnson (D) is first cousin close to an idiot, but Cynthia McKinney (D) is both stupid and evil. Her only positive is that she is an EX (D) Representative.

Gerald S Ladd



Send her back to the jungle, the f……g bitch.

Sandra Lee Smith

Not just no, but HELL, NO! Rewarding bad behavior begets MORE bad behavior; look in a mirror, if you doubt me! Come the RIGHT way (legally) or not at all!

Mark Gravitte

Stupid is as stupid does. You want to dumbfound an idiot like her, then tell her to prove it. Where I come from you have to have facts and something tangible to support your claims. But, in today’s warped society, some people will believe anything and everything. I am a realist. So, your bullshit conspiracies should be directed to the ignorant and misinformed who will believe anything you say. Not in my world skank.

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