Racist Dem Senator Says He Was Never Against Voter ID Laws, But We Have The Video

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Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA), a neo-racist preacher, spoke on the Senate floor about federalizing local elections without addressing his flip-flop on bill SB-1’s voter ID measure.

“Well, folks, how derelict would we be if in this defining moment we refuse to even have a debate” on federalizing elections, Warnock started, dodging his new position on supporting voter ID laws. Wait, what?

“When I spoke here in March, 250 voter proposals had been introduced in 43 states. Now it is 389 proposals in 48 states,” Warnock said to talk about election integrity measures that states are implementing to increase election integrity. Much of it because of the shenanigans that went on in his state of Georgia during the 2020 presidential election and even his own runoff election in January.

“Since I spoke here in March, Georgia and 13 other states have enacted” election integrity laws, “14 in total,” Warnock said, including his home state of Georgia’s election integrity laws, of which he has been vehemently opposed since its inception, because he, like most Democrats, do not want voter ID because that would stop a lot of cheating that goes on by Democrats.

The Big Democrat Lie all along has been that voter fraud is rare, and it doesn’t add up to enough to claim that it would change the outcome of any election (won by a Democrat), but the truth of the matter is voter fraud is rampant among Democrats.

“We will have crossed a dangerous Rubicon in our nation that will make it extremely difficult for the next generation to secure voting rights for every eligible American,” Warnock stated. “And so, Mr. President, this is not just another moment in another Congress. We should not think of this as routine. This is a defining moment that calls upon us to speak, to debate, to act.”

Warnock is a bullschtein artist. I wouldn’t usually speak of a man of the cloth this way, but have you ever heard any of his sermons, latent with racist and un-American rhetoric, so much so that you cannot believe this guy really is a member of the clergy? He is friends with Pastor Jeremiah Wright of “KKK-USA America,” and people should never forget it.

Warnock’s Senate speech comes after he flip-flopped on voter ID laws his state has enacted in their recent election integrity laws signed by Governor Brian Kemp.

On Thursday, Warnock, a professional liar, tried to claim that he has “never been opposed to voter ID.” This is a man who is either unaware of his own history or is a sociopathic liar, someone who can look you in the face, lie his rear end off, and act so cocky about it, he makes it seem like you’re the psychopath.

One universal constant of Democrats was that they cannot stop their hyperbolic lying about voter ID laws, and now we’re supposed to believe that their party members being against them was always a Republican conspiracy theory? Please…

Democrats don’t understand that the things they say are forever. The party faithful got used to being able to hide their own rhetoric over the decades with a willing and supportive mainstream news media, but we have the Internet now, and what is posted on the net is forever, even if you delete your comments.

Warnock’s opposition to Georgia’s voter ID laws fueled a boycott that blocked $100 million to Georgia small businesses still recovering from the pandemic when Major League Baseball removed the All-Star game from Atlanta. His rhetoric contributed to small businesses, about 50 percent black-owned, losing out revenues they were counting on to help their families recover from the COVID lockdowns.

The senator from Georgia was outspoken in support for the “For the People Act” which is designed to have the federal government create one-size-fits-all 50 states election laws that would supersede state election laws which is a clear violation of Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution that expressly gives all authority for creating and amending election laws to state legislatures.

In 2012, this racist despicable piece of vermin compared voter ID laws to laws that were once used by the Democratic Party (his party) to stop blacks from voting when he said, “Unnecessary and unjustifiable voter ID law,” continuing, “You can not remember Martin Luther King Jr. and dismember him at the same time,” adding, that voter ID laws “constitute, in my estimation, a poll tax.” He likened a measure that protects every voter’s vote to a poll tax.

People who make accusations of racism without sufficient evidence are a piece of garbage.

In 2015 Warnock said, “Dealing with these voter ID laws, this is not about voter verification, this is about voter suppression. They’re still playing the same games.”

In 2016 the lying reprobate said, “All of these voter suppression laws saying we’ve got to have voter ID laws because if we don’t they might vote twice. Are you kidding? Have you been in America these last several years? It’s hard enough to get people to vote once, let alone twice.” If you analyze this gobbledygook statement, you realize that Warnock has always argued that voter ID laws are done to suppress the black vote, so what he is saying is that it’s hard to get black people to vote. He used a figure of racism against the black community in an effort to argue voter ID laws are racist. The man is delusional.

And just this year, 2021, Warnock said that voter ID laws are akin to “Jim Crow in new clothes… Since the January election, some 250 voter suppression bills have been introduced by state legislatures all across the country.”

Warnock needs to be defeated in 2022 because we cannot have a man who can so easily lie this way, accusing Republicans of racism, and then doing a flip-flop acting like Republicans pointing out his history on the subject is somehow a fabrication.

What’s going on is the Democrats have finally heard that somewhere in the neighborhood of over 80 percent of the American people support voter ID laws, including voters in the black community, the Latino community, and the Asian community, and so they know it’s a losing battle for them. In order to help them pass their bills that would have the federal government violate the Constitution to take over every state’s election laws and to “officially” sanction voter fraud, they want to appear that they too are for voter ID laws. To flip-flop is one thing, and politicians are crafty enough to spin their way through a change of heart. But to lie and claim they were never against voter ID laws when there is clear evidence they were not only against them but played the race card every time they spoke about it publicly reinforces the conclusion that these people should never be trusted with any power ever again.




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