Rachael Maddow Busted In Phony Video Editing Scandal

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I don’t think anyone in their right mind would dispute me when I say that Rachel Maddow is a massive source of misinformation. This time she’s gone too far by editing a video of Florida Gove Ron DeSantis to make it seem like he supports Nazis.

After discussing the recent Nazi demonstrations in Florida, Maddow quickly turned her ire on DeSantis for the false claim that he never condemned the Nazis. “In addition to this rash of Nazi incidents, in addition to the Nazi incidents themselves, kind of a follow-on scandal that’s now simmering in Florida, involving Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis,”

The clip began with Maddow:

“I mean that is the easiest, most straightforward question an American politician can get, right? Please respond to the Nazis. That’s like a long, slow softball right over the plate. Are you ready? There’s only one right answer to that and you shouldn’t have to memorize it. It’s an easy one. Please respond to the Nazis. That’s what Ron DeSantis was asked. And he starts off — so what I’m gonna say to these people. What do you think he says next? Here’s where he went with it”.

Maddow then played a small fragment of what DeSantis said completely out of context:

“So what I’m gonna say is, these people these Democrats who are trying to use this as some type of political issue to try to smear me as if I had something to do with it, we’re not playing their game.”

Of course, she cut the clip there and said she wasn’t going to bother viewers with his ‘two-minute-long speech’ where Maddow complained that DeSantis slammed Biden and Democrats. She then told her viewers that DeSantis never condemned Nazis. Just one problem…

That’s a huge lie. Here is the actual clip in a two-part Twitter post:

As you can see DeSantis explained that Democrats allow antisemites in power and make friends with racists like Louis Farrakhan. He also explained how the state of Florida is a safe haven for the Jewish community and outlined his efforts to provide a safe and welcoming environment in Florida.

Maddow dropped this pile of hot garbage shortly before going on a lengthy vacation, probably to Florida.

As I said, no one in their right mind would believe a word she has to say. A few seconds of research always destroyed whatever her claim on the day is at the time. My issue with her, and anchors like her, is that they go unchecked by their network.




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