Putin Doubles Down On War Talks, Makes New Demands

Is it just me or are we always on the verge of war under Biden? Our enemies certainly feel emboldened with Biden behind the wheel and why shouldn’t they? This is the same politician who forgot his own freaking name.

Putin has waved the war flag at the US several times over the last couple of weeks and now he’s out making demands.

Associated Press reported:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the West on Thursday to “immediately” meet Russia’s demand for security guarantees precluding NATO’s expansion to Ukraine, saying the U.S. is “on the threshold of our home.”

Speaking during a marathon annual news conference, the Russian leader welcomed talks with the U.S., which he said are set to start in Geneva next month, as a “positive” move, but warned that Moscow expects the discussion to produce quick results.

“We have clearly and precisely let them know that any further NATO expansion eastward is unacceptable,” Putin said.

Last week, Moscow submitted draft security documents demanding that NATO deny membership to Ukraine and other former Soviet countries and roll back the alliance’s military deployments in Central and Eastern Europe. A key principle of the alliance is that membership is open to any qualifying country.

“Is it us who are putting missiles near the U.S. borders?” Putin said angrily. “No, it’s the U.S. who came to our home with its missiles, it’s already on the threshold of our home. Is it some excessive demand not to place any strike weapons systems near our home?”

Asked Thursday if he could provide a guarantee that Russia will not invade Ukraine, Putin snapped in response: “It’s you who must give us guarantees and give them immediately, now, and not have idle talk about it for decades.”

“How would the Americans respond if we put our missiles on the U.S. borders with Canada or Mexico?” he exclaimed.

The Russian leader charged during his news conference that the West had “swindled, blatantly cheated” Moscow by offering verbal pledges in the 1990s not to expand NATO’s presence east and then enlarging to incorporate former Soviet bloc countries in Central and Eastern Europe and the ex-Soviet republics in the Baltics.

“They said they wouldn’t expand, and then they did expand,” he said. “They said there would be equal guarantees for all, but there is no equal security. It seems to me sometimes that we live in different worlds.”

Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic joined NATO in 1999, followed in 2004 by Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the former Soviet republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In subsequent years, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia also joined, bringing NATO’s membership to 30 nations.

But something seems to have happened behind closed doors this past Thursday and Russia has suddenly decided to withdraw 10k troops. They, of course, are claiming they were just training, not threatening Ukraine with invasion…

Tensions reached a boiling point on Wednesday when President Vladimir Putin said Russia would take “appropriate retaliatory” military steps in response to what he called the West’s “aggressive stance”.

But he lowered the volume the next day, saying he had seen a “positive” reaction from the United States to Russia’s security proposals and said talks would take place next month.

A senior US official has said Washington was “ready to engage in diplomacy as soon as early January”, both bilaterally and through “multiple channels”.

On Saturday, a German government official said Moscow and Berlin had agreed to a meeting in “early January.””

I guess we will all wait to see how 2023 will go but I have to say, I am not hopeful there won’t be a war in our very near future. Tension keeps rising. Without a strong commander in place, US adversaries are emboldened and preparing to fight.

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I n have more respect for Putin than I do Biden!! Biden is a pussy!!!!

Old Gringo

When the Russians tried putting missiles in Cuba Pres. Kennedy said “Nyet” which almost resulted in a nuclear war…Today we put missiles in Ukrain next to Russia’s border and wonder why the Russian’s are pissed…As for NATO they are a bag of wind with the US taxpayers paying for most of Nato’s non-paying member dues amounting to millions of dollars wasted…When NATO is called upon to fight it is the US who are the first to engage and who do most of the fighting…Sooner or later the military industrial complex which Pres. Isenhower warned us about will get us into a nuclear war…Good bye New York and LA…Our command center in Omaha will also take a big hit…China and Russia are forming an alliance…A nuclear war could cause the end of civilization as we once knew it…Chaos will abound around the globe…neighbor’s will be fighting neighbors for survival…It won’t be pretty picture…There will be no winners…only losers.

Harry O

Old: So China and Russia are forming an alliance and you don’t trust your president. Sucks to be you.


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Putin, XI, Iran and North Korea know Biden is weak and thanks to prior Pelosi/Dem spending does not have the money to fight them.

Harry O

Such wisdom Nick…………………. Lets Hang Mike Pense!


This is ALL About $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and Control of the European Power Market!-Which was Once A Major Concern for the U.S.C.A.-Russia and China Need Control and Ukraine Is a Big Part of the Pie-So Biding Will Send A Vaccinated?-Military over there To Protect and Die Leaving the Country Loosely Protected By a Rogue Military That Will Spend No Time putting The Demoncrats Dream World into Reality!-If Your Not Paying Attention to the Board?-Then there Is No Possible Chance of Turning This Around!-Notice All Sniper Weapons Have Left the Market!-Bananas are Still Affordable Tho!-Thank The Lord!!

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