Public School Teachers Being Monitored & Fired If They Show Any Sign Of Supporting President Trump

Is it legal to fire someone for their political views?

One DeKalb County Schools superintendent seems to think so.

Of course, political intimidation is under the guise of “tolerance”: A word that has been hijacked by the dangerous progressive left.

Stephen Green has warned teachers in the district and already fired two educators for violating his ‘personal political policy.’

Get a load of this…

VIA| According To WND:

Green told a local newspaper, the Champion, that his Jan. 30 statement sought to grant students assurance that DeKalb County Schools officials remain committed to being “culturally responsive, diverse and supportive” of DeKalb County’s immigrant population.

“Our schools will be safe places for learning and teaching,” he wrote in the statement. “We will not tolerate any form of bullying or discrimination on or off district property that interferes with learning or the rights of others.”

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