Psaki’s Response About What Americans ‘Deserve To Know’ Will Make Your Blood Boil

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What House Press Secretary Jen Psaki managed to insult virtually every American in just a few short answers. When asked what the public deserves to know about Biden’s motives behind the Afghan withdrawal, Psaki dropkicked every American. Not once, but twice.

Psaki firmly said that the White House is not releasing ‘private’ information to the public. Then she insinuated that Americans will only be told information they can ‘understand’…


[White House] correspondent Phil Wegmann asked about what the American public deserves to know about who advised President Biden to leave troops in Afghanistan and how the decision was made.

He asked: “I know you said you won’t detail private conversations, but can you give us a little more of an explanation as to why not? Doesn’t the American public, given the historical gravity of that decision, don’t they deserve to know who was advising the president? Who was on the other side of that argument?”

“We’re not going to detail those private discussions and decisions that happen in the situation room for the public,” press secretary Jen Psaki said.

To add to insult, Psaki’s comment included the Press Sec alluding that American’s could not understand Biden’s reason behind the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Basically, that we are too stupid to comprehend anything so why bother?

Wegmann also asked and failed to get answers about the president’s position on the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act that was recently passed in the Senate and how the government is keeping track of illegal immigrants.

“The Department of Homeland Security can give you the rundown, but that is part of the standard process,” Psaki said.

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Did you catch that? So, not only does this administration believe that Americans don’t need to know who exactly has the president of the United States ear, but apparently we’re all too stupid to understand it all anyway.




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